Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nail art in the style of stained glass windows

End result - The flash on my camera has made some of the
black lines look purple.. Sorry!
I have always liked stained glass, especially very colourful, bright stained glass. This gave me the idea for this nail art. I personally do not find this that difficult to do, and can be done in a short amount of time.

You will need nail varnish colours of choice, 5-6 at least (I used brighter colours) and a nail art pen, I recommend black but you can try anything! Firstly prepare your nails as normal and use a clear coat as a base. Secondly paint different colour blobs on each nail, it doesn't have to be too neat as the nail art pen will cover any gaps or areas that have gone over the edge. I personally used one colour at a time on each of my nails and varied what shape and where each colour is so each nail is unique. Once all of the colours have dried, use either a thin paintbrush or the brush part of a nail art pen to out line the boarders of the colours, this will take a little while to do, but really transforms what the nails look like at the end!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Colourful leopard nails - first attempt

This is my first attempt at leopard print nail art, this is as a result of a video I saw on YouTube. I did my nails slightly differently to the video linked but both ways work fine. I though leopard print would be very difficult but I was surprised that is wasn't too difficult, just time consuming. These nails took over an hour to do but as a birthday present, I wanted them to be as near to perfect as possible (maybe I should have practised more first!)

To create this effect, you'll need clear nail varnish, white (or colour of choice) base coat, several colours, I used the brightest colours I had to stand out from the black outline and a black nail art pen or very fine brush & black nail varnish to do the outline with.

White base coat

First prepare your nails as normal, some people use hand and nail cream beforehand (I personally do) and file nails, then apply a clear coat to your nails and leave to dry. After apply 2 coats of white (or base colour) leaving time to dry between coats. Once dry, get the other colours and begin to polka dot the nails, using each nail colour of choice on most of your nails. Try to use each colour on different parts of the nails (for example do not always use yellow on the top left side of your nail). Once all of the nails have been painted with dots leave to dry, please remember if like me you use different brands of nail varnishes, some take longer to dry then others, so give extra time just to be safe!

Nails with multicoloured polka dots!

To finish off the leopard print, you'll need to partially outline the dots. Outline about 3/4 of each dot, leaving 2 or 3 small gaps in each outline. This will take a lot of time and a steady hand. I also added a couple small black dots on each nail. Finally once it has all dried add a top coat.

The end result
Have you tried any animal print nails? Would love to hear your opinions!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Gold, silver and black, using Scotch tape

 I have recently been experimenting using Scotch tape (seen right) with nail varnishes. I first saw this in a magazine (I cannot remember which magazine or article name).  I was bought it for my birthday from here though I know it was on sale at the time.

Scotch magic tape works as a barrier (similar to using masking tape or similar when painting walls) to stop nail varnish touching that surface. This is great for creating straight lines and squares but you can also cut waves of tape to create even more intricate designs.

Before posting this blog I had only used scotch magic tape twice before, I would recommend some practice using this tape and getting used to how fiddly it can be, even cutting several strips of tape the same width can be challenging!!

I decided on the colours gold, black and grey. I am not sure where the inspiration came from for these colours as I tend to use brighter colours but I do think these three colours go well together. To the right I have shown 3 pictures of what the nails can look like with the magic tape on. The nails do look awful, messy and patchy, as long as the nail not covered with tape is painted, you'll get the results you want.

I would advise to cut the strips before you prepare your nails as normal, and apply a clear coat and your base colour/s of choice. I personally found this easier to do one hand at a time. When using the scotch tape, I would also recommend to put the strips on your hand to lose some of the stickiness, I did not the first time and ended up with small holes of no nail varnish on my nails!! Once the tape is on the nails, make sure it's pressed firmly down so no nail varnish can run underneath it. Apply the other colour/s over the spaces of nail without tape on, make sure you get into every gap! Once the top colour/s have been applied, while wet, take off the tape and leave the nails to dry.

To the left are the results I got from using scotch tape. There are so many designs that you can try, I am looking forward to using it more often in the future!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fur-effects nails

Shade "wait until dark"
Being honest, I hadn't heard of fur-effects nails before my friend Gina bought me a pot of it for my 21st birthday. It is new out and brought to us by Makeup Acadamy (MUA). Approximately the size of a pocket size tin of Vaseline lip therapy, I was worried how quickly I would use up the small tin. I am pleased to say it is lasting very well, it barely looks used after using it twice. Fur-effects nails is like fluff in a pot, it makes your nails feel like felt, which is a completely different texture to standard nail varnish but pleasant.

Finished results
First step to using this is to prepare your nails as normal and add 1 layer of clear nail varnish to your nails. Secondly add a base coat of nail varnish, I used Ciate Paint Pot shade "wait until dark". Despite the picture, this is the closest shade of purple I had to the fur-effects fluff. Leave this to dry, Afterwards, add a second coat to one nail (I did my thumb nail first). While this coat is damp apply the fluff, there are different ways to apply this and are explained on the back, it is best to experiment and find what way suits you best. One way is to have your hand above a sheet of paper and tip the fluff onto the nail. I personally dip each nail that is wet into the pot, I find this less messy then the first option. Once dried, you can blow the excess fluff off or use a damp cotton bud/tissue if you prefer. The results should be similar to the picture on the right. I have found no problems with the fluff coming off when washing my hands, if anything it makes the fluff more fluffy!

Finally, the nail fluff can be stubborn to come off, I use an acetone free conditioning nail varnish remover. Apply the nail varnish remover onto a cotton pad so it is wet (this is what I personally use, tissue or anything else is fine). Hold the pad down on the nail with the fluff on it for a few seconds, then remove as usual.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Sometimes, when it comes to nail art, something so simple can look really effective. Stripes are a very good example of this, it is a pattern that doesn't require too much practise, but can have a variety of results depending on colour and what directions your lines go in! I used a clear base coat and then used a base colour nail varnish that I had the same colour in a nail pen, this gave me 8 colours to work with. I chose red, blue, yellow, green and purple. Of course you can use 2 completely different colours to do this, or even choose a base colour then use several colours for stripes to create a rainbow effect. I would advise if you are new to using nail art pens, to practise using the brush to create fairly straight lines on either your own nails or fake nails. Experiment with different colours and even horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines!