Monday, 24 June 2013

Colourful leopard nails - first attempt

This is my first attempt at leopard print nail art, this is as a result of a video I saw on YouTube. I did my nails slightly differently to the video linked but both ways work fine. I though leopard print would be very difficult but I was surprised that is wasn't too difficult, just time consuming. These nails took over an hour to do but as a birthday present, I wanted them to be as near to perfect as possible (maybe I should have practised more first!)

To create this effect, you'll need clear nail varnish, white (or colour of choice) base coat, several colours, I used the brightest colours I had to stand out from the black outline and a black nail art pen or very fine brush & black nail varnish to do the outline with.

White base coat

First prepare your nails as normal, some people use hand and nail cream beforehand (I personally do) and file nails, then apply a clear coat to your nails and leave to dry. After apply 2 coats of white (or base colour) leaving time to dry between coats. Once dry, get the other colours and begin to polka dot the nails, using each nail colour of choice on most of your nails. Try to use each colour on different parts of the nails (for example do not always use yellow on the top left side of your nail). Once all of the nails have been painted with dots leave to dry, please remember if like me you use different brands of nail varnishes, some take longer to dry then others, so give extra time just to be safe!

Nails with multicoloured polka dots!

To finish off the leopard print, you'll need to partially outline the dots. Outline about 3/4 of each dot, leaving 2 or 3 small gaps in each outline. This will take a lot of time and a steady hand. I also added a couple small black dots on each nail. Finally once it has all dried add a top coat.

The end result
Have you tried any animal print nails? Would love to hear your opinions!

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