Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fur-effects nails

Shade "wait until dark"
Being honest, I hadn't heard of fur-effects nails before my friend Gina bought me a pot of it for my 21st birthday. It is new out and brought to us by Makeup Acadamy (MUA). Approximately the size of a pocket size tin of Vaseline lip therapy, I was worried how quickly I would use up the small tin. I am pleased to say it is lasting very well, it barely looks used after using it twice. Fur-effects nails is like fluff in a pot, it makes your nails feel like felt, which is a completely different texture to standard nail varnish but pleasant.

Finished results
First step to using this is to prepare your nails as normal and add 1 layer of clear nail varnish to your nails. Secondly add a base coat of nail varnish, I used Ciate Paint Pot shade "wait until dark". Despite the picture, this is the closest shade of purple I had to the fur-effects fluff. Leave this to dry, Afterwards, add a second coat to one nail (I did my thumb nail first). While this coat is damp apply the fluff, there are different ways to apply this and are explained on the back, it is best to experiment and find what way suits you best. One way is to have your hand above a sheet of paper and tip the fluff onto the nail. I personally dip each nail that is wet into the pot, I find this less messy then the first option. Once dried, you can blow the excess fluff off or use a damp cotton bud/tissue if you prefer. The results should be similar to the picture on the right. I have found no problems with the fluff coming off when washing my hands, if anything it makes the fluff more fluffy!

Finally, the nail fluff can be stubborn to come off, I use an acetone free conditioning nail varnish remover. Apply the nail varnish remover onto a cotton pad so it is wet (this is what I personally use, tissue or anything else is fine). Hold the pad down on the nail with the fluff on it for a few seconds, then remove as usual.

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