Thursday, 4 July 2013

3D manicure and gold studs

3D manicure set left with gold studs right
My friend Gina bought me a 3D manicure set for my birthday, of course I had to try it out! With a recent trend of painting or designing one or 2 nails differently to the others, I decided to use some gold studs I bought a while ago (there will be another blog post in the future about different ways of using the studs).

The 3D manicure came with a pearl/white colour nail varnish, a funnel to put loose beads back into the bottle, a nail varnish bottle with varying coloured beads and a lid which can collect loose beads if you apply them to your hand over the lid.

To apply these to your nails, you need to prepare your nails as normal and then apply a base clear coat. Apply one thin coat of the nail varnish provided and leave to thoroughly dry. Now apply another coat of nail varnish but do this one nail at a time, while wet (so as soon as you can) put your hand over the lid part and pour the beads over the wet nail varnish. The beads should stick to the nail and all the loose ones can be collected at the end and put back into the container. Finally you can add a top coat but I found the colour can run when applying a top coat, this will depend on the brand of beads you purchase.

Removing the beads is simple, you can either pick them off or use nail varnish remover and that will get most of them off. I have seen nearly every colour bead imaginable in shops, this is a great and fairly simple way to create such an effect with your nails!

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