Friday, 12 July 2013

3D manicure using rhinestones

Carrying on from the last blog post, I thought I would show another 3D manicure design, this time using different coloured rhinestones. For this you will need a clear coat (for a bottom and top coat), another colour of choice, I used gold, different coloured rhinestones, a cocktail stick/pencil/pin to pick up the rhinestones and some water, I used a cola cap and filled with water.

Firstly, prepare your nails as normal and apply a base coat of clear nail varnish and leave to dry. Next apply 2 thin coats of the nail colour of your choice, I used gold, make sure to leave time in between coats to dry. It should look similar to the picture below.

Nails with a clear coat and 2 thin coats of
coloured nail varnish

The next part is time consuming and a little fiddly! The next steps will be done 1 nail at a time, otherwise it will dry and the rhinestones won't stick!! I also recommend that the rhinestones are on a flat surface, with the colours on the top, this allows you to see what colour each one is, as well as being able to easily use them with the cocktail stick/pencil/pin etc.  Once the colour coats have dried, paint a coat of clear nail varnish. Straight away, moisten the cocktail stick/pencil/pin etc you're using with the water, and place on 1 rhinestone, this creates an adhesive bond which allows you to easily place the rhinestone exactly where you want to on the nail. You will need to do this for every single rhinestone, this does take a while. Once you have placed the rhinestones on all of the nails leave them to dry. Once dried apply a final coat of clear nail varnish, especially around the rhinestones to make sure they don't fall off.

My final result.

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