Monday, 19 August 2013

First attempt of tribal nail art

I have been reading a nail art book my mother bought me called Nail Art by Helena Biggs. In this book includes many pictures of different nail art designs from around the world, history of nail art and some great tips! One of the designs shown was tribal nail art. It is very intricate but makes your nails stand out with burts of colours and geometric shapes.  One of the great things about this nail art is that the only rule as such is geometric shapes, lines and spots, colours are completely up to you!

I used, as pictured below, left to right, Barry M grey (293), Barry M yellow (134), Rimmel London salon pro britpop (713), Rio professional nail art pen & brush red, pink tease black nail pen and brush and Rio professional nail art pen & brush in purple and white.

Nail varnishes I used.

To start off, prepare your nails as normal and apply a clear coat to your nails. Secondly apply 2 thin coats of a chosen colour, I used yellow and blue, I did have a photo of this, but the image file corrupted, sorry!
I used my grey to create a V shape on 4 of the nails, on the other nail I painted the left and right of the nail to create a coloured strip in the middle.

Grey V shapes on the nails.

Remember to leave each part to dry, this is why it gets time consuming, you do not want colours to smudge or bleed.  I then used a white nail pen to outline the V. Once dried I used the black nail art pen to draw zigzags in the grey V and draw dots alongside the white outline. I then drew a red outline below the V and drew lines below it until it created a triangle in the middle, this I coloured purple. The feature nail is a lot more simple with 4 dots either side and the zigzag in the middle.

Final result!
Above shows the end result. This did take an hour to do. I would definitely do this again, I really enjoyed trying this out! Have you tried doing tribal nail art? Post a picture/comment below! Would love to see more tribal nail art, it's stunning!

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