Sunday, 11 August 2013

More 3D nail art with gold studs

I'll be going back to a previous post, which can be found here, showing another design that can be achieved using nail studs.  The ones I use cost £1.50 from eBay and are a gold colour. I am also using the pin that I put in a rubber which I made for this blog. The nail varnishes I am using are Barry M magnetic dark silver 326 and Barry M magnetic burgundy 327 as well as my usual maybelline for my clear coats. The colour/s you use do not have to be magnetic, nor red and black, I just decided to use these colours as I do not use them that often.  I also used a lid to put water in, I find this more convenient, but a glass or cup of water is fine to use.

Items I used for this nail art idea.

Firstly, prepare your nails as usual and paint your nails with a clear coat and leave to dry. Next paint your nails with 2 thin coats of the colour you want to use, leaving time in between to dry.

2 coats of Barry M nail varnish.

The next step is a little tricky. Do this one nail at a time, the more studs you apply, the more time consuming. I paint half the nail with clear nail varnish. While damp/tacky, you want to start applying the studs. Dip your pin into water and then place onto a stud, the water will make the stud "stick" onto the pin, then place the gold stud where you want on the nail. I also find using a pin you can press down on the stud when it's on the nail, to make sure it's set into the nail varnish properly. Keep doing this until you have finished, this will take a long time.

The pin in a rubber, great tool for nail

The end result may be similar to the results I got below, I used 2 different colours and on my middle finger nail, I did a different pattern. I will be using gold studs in a future post to show what else you can do with them! They are well worth the £1.50 I paid and the time I put in to do these nails. If you use any studs or want to show me nail art you have done, feel free to write a comment below!

The final result!
This picture shows 2 different nail varnish
colours as well as 2 different patterns of studs.

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