Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nail art using feathers

I first saw this effect on the Glamour website. I was amazed by this and wanted to try it myself! My mum bought my a masquerade mask from a charity shop for £1. The feathers were perfect for trying out this nail art effect! You can buy feathers from many craft shops, though my one at my town centre didn't!! You can also buy them online. For this you will need feathers, a clear nail varnish and a nail varnish that is the lightest colour on the feathers, nail scissors and a nail file (emery board).

Masquerade mask

I carefully ripped the feathers off the mask and threw away any feathers that weren't good enough to use and the mask. It doesn't matter what the bottom of the feather looks like or what condition it is in, you'll only use the top part.


To prepare the feathers, all you need to do is cut them slightly longer then your nails, it's better to have too much then not enough!

Cutting the feathers.

Once they are cut, pick off any loose parts of the feathers. Also have them spread out so you can easily pick them up.

Some of the feathers I cut up.

For your nails, you need to prepare them as normal and apply a clear coat. Once dried paint your nails with 2 thin coats of nail varnish you want. As my feathers are orange and black, I tried doing this with black nails, it didn't work very well, so I recommend using the lightest colour on the feathers, for me this is orange. I used 2True shade number 27, this can be found in Superdrug.

My base coat - 2True shade 27.

Once your nails have dried, it's time to apply the feathers. Do your nails one at a time, I started at my thumb. Put on a slightly thicker coat of clear nail varnish. Depending how long it takes to dry, leave it a few seconds to become more tacky. This will sound weird but lick your finger and press on to the feather, it will pick it up without messing up the feather! Now place onto the nail, don't worry about the excess or how uneven the edges are, we will sort them out later! Press down on them and leave to dry! Now repeat for the rest of your nails.

Putting on the feathers.

Once they are dry, it's time to cut of the excess! I found the easiest way to do this is to use nail scissors. I found that the top of my nails were sharp so I used a nail file, but do this up and down not left to right or right to left as it can move the feather, even when dry and make it lift up!

Time to cut off the excess!

Once you've cut it and filed it, you should get something similar to the pictures below. I personally didn't do a top layer but went around the edges with my clear nail varnish to make sure it doesn't lift up!

Finished results.
Finished results. 

So what do you think of this nail effect? I'm not sure if it's something I will do often. But I really wanted to try it and I thought it's really creative! Let me know if you like this effect and may try it yourself! It isn't difficult, but it is time consuming!

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