Saturday, 24 August 2013

Nail art using a make up sponge and a bath lily

Today I will be showing what else you can do with make up sponges apart from rainbow nails! I first saw this in the nail art book I have been reading Nail Art by Helena Biggs. Though the tutorial says to use something else, I thought that using a bath lily would be a cheaper alternative that many people have in their homes.

What I used for this nail art.

For this I used Maybelline clear nail varnish, Nail Inc london Basil Street, Avon nailwear in fuchsia, 1 make up sponge, a bath lily, it is up to you whether you cut a piece off one or unravel it like I have done. I will only be showing 1 nail as you can only see the detail close up. As usual any colours can be used! Experiment with different colours and see what results you get!

Nail Inc Basil street.

Firstly as usual, prepare your nails as normal and paint on a clear coat. Second is to apply 2 thin coats of your background/base colour, leaving time in between to dry, I'm using Nail Inc Basil street. Once dry, the tricky part is next!

Bath lily over the nail and tucked under
the thumb

Painting the make up sponge.

Cut a part of a bath lily big enough to use on all 5 of your nails. Paint some nail varnish onto the make up sponge, don't apply too much as excess nail varnish will go under the lily ans not create a pattern!! I started with my thumb, you want to place the bath lily over the nail with the excess being tucked under the thumb to keep it in place. Now get the make up sponge with nail varnish on it and dab it 2 or 3 times on the nail and remove the bath lily straight away, leaving the nail to dry. Repeat this for the rest of the nails, you can now use your thumb/fingers to help hold the lily into place.

Dabbing the sponge onto the nail

I tried to do a similar effect to the one in the book, making the top left the most colourful going lighter towards the right and bottom of the nail. This is my first try of this and isn't perfect but I think it's a great idea and doesn't take too long to do!

Results, not perfect but will experiment
with different colours!
 I would recommend for people to try this! Let me know if you try it! Also if you want me to try a particular design or use certain colours, let me know!


  1. Oh wow! This is so creative. Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely give it a try.

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  2. This looks really nice, I'll definitely be trying it x