Monday, 26 August 2013

Nail Varnish/Beauty Haul!

Today I went shopping and bought loads of products, nearly all of them cost £1 and under. This made me so happy as I bought a lot of great quality goods but didn't go over the top with spending. This is the second time I have done a £1 an item nail varnish/beauty haul but I thought I would document this one! 

Today I started off in Claire's accessories. They are having a sale on at the moment and items in the sale are buy one get one free! I bought 6 items that would have cost £6 but cost £3, bargain!! I bought bobby pins as I buy some, I always say I'll keep them on the cardboard, never do and they all go missing! Hopefully I won't lose another 24! The nail varnishes I bought based on their colour, I have used the black nail crackle Claire's accessories do (also in the sale) and it worked great so as a result I got the white one. I'm most looking forward to trying the pink one as it's a matte one and I'd like to compare it to the other pink shades I have.

Items I bought in Claire's accessories.

Next I went to poundland, I bought 4 items. I bought a nail varnish spray, it's designed to speed up the drying time of slow drying nail varnishes. To be honest I have never seen it before and I'm looking forward to seeing if this actually works!! I also bought a toner by Simple. I haven't used their products before but I have heard a lot of good things about them! I have only recently started using a toner (I use a body shop seaweed one) it's too early to see if I notice a difference but it's only fair I give a few products a try! I have already tried the Aussie deep conditioner and it's fantastic! I didn't need to use a lot and it smells so nice, but didn't really smell of mint but that's okay! I bought the Sally Hansen nail varnish as I needed a light grey for some nail art I will be trying out in the future!

Items I bought in poundland.

Next the 99p shop! I bought 3 OPI nail varnishes, 2 black and one gold shatter effect! These can cost around £10 but recently the price has dropped online. The nail varnishes are very good quality, even the label is, I'm sure they are real. I did notice the barcodes are crossed out, I assume this is because the products won't be on sale any more or the bottles are changing. Either way I'm so happy I got some, I love crackle effect! I also bought myself 2 sanitizers, they came together in a pack for 99p which is good value! I've used the unscented one which smells awful! Today I got the lemon & lime one, it doesn't really smell of citric but takes the edge off the horrible smell that it has! If you want a nice smelling hand sanitizer, try the body shop ones, they are lovely but more expensive. I bought a scented nail varnish as well, mainly to smell it! I will let you know if it's nice or not!

Items I bought in the 99p shop.

Lastly I also went in Superdrug and ASDA. Superdrug sell MUA nail varnishes that I have reviewed before. I am a fan of these, especially at £1! I also needed a brown colour so got this one! I was looking in ASDA at primers, to see what choice they had. Of course I had a look at the nail varnishes and found a denim effect one! This was £3, but I'm so excited to try it, I really hope it doesn't disappoint! 

Items I bought in Superdrug and ASDA
This all cost £15.96 which I think is great! The day out really cheered me up and I have a lot to look forward to trying out! Let me know if you got any bargains, I love a bargain!! 


  1. Great Haul, can't believe how cheap those OPI's are! I'm pretty sure if they're real they'll have opi written on the wand bit near the top, if that made sense haha!
    Just followed your blog too, really like the tutorials :) xx

    1. Yeah it is written on the top, even the little piece of card wrapped with a band, that's lovely quality, I can't wait to try them out! Thank you :) I enjoy writing them :) xx