Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pretty by quest - red nail fluff

Being a fan of nail varnish and nail art, I don't want to limit myself to one particular brand. But is it worth trying out a brand from Poundland you've never heard of? I give every brand a chance, whether they cost £1 or £10! I decided to try Pretty by Quest's velvet effect nail varnish. In the packaging includes 1 red nail varnish, red nail fluff and a little brush. I have used nail fluff before, I wrote about MUA's fur-effect nails here and am a huge fan of it. This comes with a nail varnish, fluff and a brush for £1! This is a third of the cost of MUA's nail fluff, so how do they compare?

Packaging of the nail fluff.

Well the obvious fact is the MUA nail fluff does not come with a nail varnish nor a brush. For me this isn't a problem, I have many nail varnishes, the back of the packaging even says it needs nail varnish to use. MUA's nail fluff comes with more nail fluff but for 3 times the price and no nail varnish, you'd expect this. Where Pretty by Quest's (will say PBQ for short now) nail fluff goes downhill compared to MUA's is durability. I have worn the PBQ nail fluff for under 24 hours and my thumb barely has any fluff on it and all show some loss of fluff where as with MUA, I wore it for 4 days with only a tiny amount of fluff lost at the top of the nail. 

What you need to create
nail fluff nails!

You use the red nail fluff in the same way as any other nail fluff. For this I used the 3 pieces that came in the packet as well as a maybelline clear nail varnish and a piece of paper to collect loose fluff!

To use the nail fluff, prepare your nails as normal, apply a clear coat and leave to dry. Place your paper on the desk (I'd recommend doing this at a table/on a flat surface). Use the red nail varnish provided to paint one nail. While it's still wet, over the paper, pour the nail fluff onto the nail. Press down gently and leave a couple of minutes to dry, when dry, use the brush to clear the excess fluff. Repeat these steps until your nails are finished, there is no need to do a top coat.

This can be messy!
Lots of fluff didn't make it
to my nails!

You'll end up in having lovely fluffy nails but a mess on the paper as seen above right, this can easily be put back into the container to use next time! Pick up the paper at both ends and hold them with one hand, use your other hand to tap the paper to collect it together. pinch the paper in the middle, this will create a spout (if I can call it that?) to make it even easier to pour in. The best way I found to pour it in is to gently tap the bottom of the paper while lining up the spout with the top of the container as seen below.

In conclusion I would happily recommend both brands to my friends, which one would depend on what they want from a nail fluff. If it's only for a night out, the PBQ nail fluff does the job great, even the nail varnish for £1 is great quality and colour. If you want nail fluff that will last a few days and you'd like to use any nail colour with it, I'd recommend MUA's fur effect nails. Below shows the result of using PBQ's nail fluff!


  1. very detailed! I wish I was good at nail art! I'm now following your blog :) xx