Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rainbow Nail Art using make up sponges

This is another edition to several I am doing of nail art without using nail art pens, and pieces from around the house. For this I used 5 colours, these do not have to be colours of the rainbow, nor do you need 5 colours. I would recommend using at least 3 different colours. I also used some vaseline and a make up sponge (I bought a bag of them from the 99p shop). The colours I used here are Barry M cobalt blue 291, Barry M yellow 134, Rimmel rapid ruby 484, Miss sporty (no name given) orange 32 and Barry M spring green 290, for my clear coat I use maybelline.

Colours I used with vaseline and a make up sponge.

Firstly I started off by preparing my nails as normal then using a clear coat of nail varnish. Once dry unscrew all of the nail varnishes you are using, this makes it easier. Depending on the size of the make up sponge you use, you can cut it down, I cut mine in half as seen below. At this point I put vaseline around the nail to help taking off the excess paint later on, you do not need vaseline for the nail art to work, but I personally find it a little easier.

Make up sponge with nail varnish on it.

The next step is to paint the nail varnish directly to the sponge, be generous with it as some will be absorbed by the sponge, it should look similar to above. Try do paint the sponge fairly quick, especially using more colours, the first colour starts to dry a bit making it more pale on the nail when applied.

After applying the sponge, messy nails! Don't worry
this is normal!

Now it's time for the fun, but messy, part!! You need to put the sponge on the nail, paint side down and press it on your nail, making sure it covers the whole nail, press down for a few seconds then peel away. I normally use the paint 2 or 3 times before re applying the paint onto the same bit of sponge. Some of the nails will be pale in places, leave the first coat to fully dry then re apply another coat on to the nail using the sponge, normally 2 coats is fine, if you're still unhappy do this a third time but I wouldn't recommend doing this more than 3 times. Once you're happy with the colour, remove the excess, I used a couple of cotton buds with nail varnish remover.

Rainbow nails!!
 Finally, once dried, cover with a top coat! The picture above shows my end result. The picture below was done in exactly the same way but with blue and green nail varnishes. This nail art is time consuming but it's easy to do. There will be more of these nail art ideas without nail pens/rhinestones coming out in the future, so keep an eye out! Just want to show with a little creativity, nail art can be cheap and fun! Thank you for reading if you have any questions, requests or your own blog you want me to have a look at, let me know!

Blue/green nails!!


  1. Oh my gosh, these are outstanding. You are so talented! My new nail art hero.
    Heroine In Heels

    1. Thank you! Had a look at your blog, love your galaxy nails, if you want to follow me/like my facebook page, I'll return the favour xx

  2. That's so cool! Everytime I use sponges it never works! So annoying as I love the effects you can get


    x x