Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Reviews, what am I looking for in a nail varnish?

As a lover of nail varnishes, I have used so many different brands. Each company/brand has several different ranges of nail varnishes. It's difficult to decide on which brand to buy! This doesn't even include smaller companies, individuals or brands you cannot buy in shops! I have decided to start reviewing nail varnishes from all different price ranges. Is it worth it to pay that bit extra for a more well known named nail varnish?

This is the first review of many, I am planning on doing these on a weekly basis but if they prove to be popular, then that may increase! I will still be doing my nail art ideas 1 or 2 times a week depending on how busy I am. These nail varnishes I will be wearing for 4 days and giving each nail varnish 2 thin coats with a top coat, which will always be Maybelline as they were on sale in the 99p shop and I got the last 3! This ensures a fair test of how much, or little, they chip.

Please remember this is all my opinion, but it will be an unbiased opinion. I'm not doing any activities to purposely chip the nails. Also bare in mind the cost of nail varnishes, unless borrowed, are coming straight out of my pocket! But I do tend to buy them on offer.

So what am I looking for in nail varnishes?

Price: How much does it cost, what can I buy for that price, is the product worth the cost?
Chips: After 4 days has the nail varnish chipped, if so how much? Does this correlate with the cost?
Application: How long does it take to dry? Is it an even, smooth colour?
Smell: Is the smell strong or tolerable?

These are the main things I am looking at personally. I may add other information. But these are things I'm looking for as well as the "rules" or how I'm keeping it as fair as possible. I will link this to the start of every review if I remember!

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