Thursday, 1 August 2013

Spot nail art without nail pens!

Having a few friends who love nail varnish, but do not own nail art pens, rhinestones, transfers etc, I thought I'd do a few nail art blog posts (this being the first of a few) that is based around using the standard nail varnish brush you get with nail varnishes plus things I find around my home, that some people may have.

A dressmaker's pin in a rubber.
You will need for this 3 colours. For this I used Barry M Grey 293, Barry M Matt White 66 and collection 2000 ebony 87. I also looked in my mother's needlework box and found some dressmaker's pins. I put the sharp end into an old England rubber, as seen above, I found so I do not stab myself accidentally with it. This will be used to create dots.

Applying nail varnish to the pin

I would advise practising using the pin first. Apply any colour you want, then press down onto a piece of paper or a nail. Pressing the pin down hard will create a larger dot where as barely pressing down will create smaller dots. Below shows the different sized dots I created using the above pin.

Different sized dots created by the pin above

To create a similar design to the one below, first you need to prepare your nails as normal and paint a clear coat. Secondly You'll need to paint your nails in either the lightest or darkest colour you are using, use 2 light coats to get a good coverage. You could paint all your nails apart from the ring finger's nail the same colour and paint that one another colour like I have. Once dried, it's time to paint the dots! It is completely up to you how many dots on each nail and whereabouts on the nail they are, but make sure you use both the other colours and try to vary the dot size. As an extra you can try and paint dots on the dots like I have with some of them below, just make sure the first dot is dry. Once it's all dried paint a top coat. 

The finished result!

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