Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My nail varnish wishlist!

As I write this, I am unable to post photos, as I have been having a lot of problems with my memory card, I have ordered a new one. I asked on twitter what I should write about and this was one of the ideas. With Christmas coming up in a few months, I have already started making an amazon wishlist! I thought I'd show you some of the nail varnishes I want to buy or be bought for me!

Essie Mink muffs - Described on the website as "a smoky plush taupe" I think this shade is beautiful. I have never tried Essie nail varnishes and I really want to, I really hope a get a couple for Christmas!

Wet n Wild  - I haven't decided which shade/s I want yet. I have seen this brand posted from American beauty blogs I follow. Living in the U.K I had never heard of the brand until recently. Online you can buy these for around £2-£3 if you look around!

Ciate Chalkboard manicure - I have had my eye on this for a while. At £25 it's a little bit too much for me, but I would love to own this, I think it's so unusual!

Models own mermaid tears - I have seen a few beauty bloggers blog about this nail varnish. I think it's a lovely shade and one I'd really like to own!

Topshop suede nails - I personally don't shop in topshop being a larger woman, I was surprised to hear they sell make up and nail varnish! After researching, some of the bottles are really pretty with polka dots on the lid (I love dots and stripes!) They also do a matte range, I'd like to get more matte colours as I only have 1. I also spotted this suede nails, I love nail effects and nail art, at £5 this seems good value!

Elf nail polish set - Elf do a set of 3 nail varnishes for £4, my favourite 2 are colour vacation trio and nice & natural. Elf is another brand I have never used before but these little sets of nail varnish look great! 3 colours that go together, these would be great for scotch nail art!

Barry M Chameleon nail effects - I own a lot of Barry M nail vanish, I tend to buy some every time they are on offer! I have at least one nail varnish of every nail effect they do apart from Chameleon! I would like either the blue or the pink!

Thank you to the beauty blogs I follow for partially making me want these nail varnishes and talking about different brands! As well as nail varnishes, I also have in my wishlist a keyboard, various tetris/pacman items, bed head shampoo and conditioner, spare battery for my camera and a couple of PS2 games. Also if anyone wants to buy me a PS4, let me know!!! ;)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Review Claire's cosmetics chip resistant

Claire's accessories had a sale on and let's say I bought a few or 7!! This nail varnish has no shade name but the number 2 on the underside of the nail varnish. It cost me 50p, the price for nail varnishes range from £2.50 to about £4.  When I buy a nail varnish that is chip resistant, I tend to be a little dubious as they tend not to be much better then a non chip resistant. Unfortunately I do not have a photo showing the nail varnish straight away as I've been having problems with my memory card deleting pictures as I try and back them up, I have bought a new one and I'm waiting for it to come through!

This shade is a beautiful colour, hence why I bought it. It dries quickly, and is easy to apply. Despite it being shimmery/slightly glittery, it's not difficult to remove at all! Unfortunately after a few days the nails did chip quite badly on my thumb and index fingernails. I cannot really complain for 50p but as it's supposed to be chip resistant, I am a little disappointed. I would not recommend this nail varnish, I give it a 5/10, I haven't lost out as it was 50p, I would have been really annoyed if I paid full price to it. It is a lovely colour, easy to apply and remove but for a chip resistant nail varnish, it doesn't do what it says on the bottle!!

Close up of the chips.