Sunday, 1 September 2013

Review Claire's cosmetics chip resistant

Claire's accessories had a sale on and let's say I bought a few or 7!! This nail varnish has no shade name but the number 2 on the underside of the nail varnish. It cost me 50p, the price for nail varnishes range from £2.50 to about £4.  When I buy a nail varnish that is chip resistant, I tend to be a little dubious as they tend not to be much better then a non chip resistant. Unfortunately I do not have a photo showing the nail varnish straight away as I've been having problems with my memory card deleting pictures as I try and back them up, I have bought a new one and I'm waiting for it to come through!

This shade is a beautiful colour, hence why I bought it. It dries quickly, and is easy to apply. Despite it being shimmery/slightly glittery, it's not difficult to remove at all! Unfortunately after a few days the nails did chip quite badly on my thumb and index fingernails. I cannot really complain for 50p but as it's supposed to be chip resistant, I am a little disappointed. I would not recommend this nail varnish, I give it a 5/10, I haven't lost out as it was 50p, I would have been really annoyed if I paid full price to it. It is a lovely colour, easy to apply and remove but for a chip resistant nail varnish, it doesn't do what it says on the bottle!!

Close up of the chips.

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  1. I adore nail polish, that shade is really nice!! never looked in claires for it though, maybe i will now :)