Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Body shop Ginger sparkle lip balm

With Christmas approaching, the Body Shop have brought out their Christmas range. This year the 3 flavours are Ginger sparkle, Cranberry joy and vanilla bliss. Being honest I am not normally a fan of Christmas scents, I don't like spicy scents, especially cinnamon and similar, which my mother loves. Last year my sister bought me the Cranberry hand cream from the body shop. I have only got round to using it as I've had so many to use, but I love it and I don't even drink cranberry juice!

This year I decided to try out the other 2 Christmas flavours, ginger sparkle and vanilla bliss. This time of year my obsession for lip balms have grown so I bought the Ginger sparkle lip balm. The lip balm costs £4, excluding the Body shop's love your body 10% off and can be found here on their website.

I ordered this online with a couple of other goodies and the thing I loved about it straight away was it's unusual shape! I have only seen the dome shape lip balms once before with EoS lip balms which unfortunately are unavailable to buy from their website outside of USA/Canada. The dome shape makes it easy to apply the lip balm to your lips. Unlike many lip balms, it has a sparkle to it. I find myself going out just wearing this lip balm rather than a sparkly lipstick/lip gloss! Of course the most important factor is the smell of it. The great news is, it smells fabulous! It is so Christmasy! But instead of being a really spicy ginger, it's really fresh and zingy!

Overall I cannot fault this at all, it smells lovely, it's compact, it moisturises the lips and is sparkly! Perfect for this time of year! Some people may argue that £4 may be a little expensive for a lip balm, especially when you can get some great brands like Nivea and chap sticks for around £1. The body shop lip balms have more weight to them then the "standard" lip balms you see in drug stores/super markets. The only thing I hope is that they bring out some more lip balms in the dome shape next year! *fingers crossed*

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