Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's resolutions!

Hello everyone, with 2013 nearly over, I thought I would share my New Year's Resolutions with you all!

1) Lose weight. This is a very common resolution, but I really want to lose more weight. I have already lost weight after being put on metformin for PCOS, the weight is slow to come off and I have probably gained weight over Christmas! I would love to eventually be a size 12-14, but most of all be healthier, the more weight I lose the better the chance I have for pregnancy, if I'm ever to have children.

2) Buy more make up. This is an unusual resolution, especially as many BBloggers are going on a 90 day spending ban! But compared to many BBloggers, I have very little make up. I mainly buy the cheapest brands in drugstores. I want to try out new make up and concealers, I have heard a lot of good things about Rimmel wake me up foundation! I want to try out new products and find what ones work best for me. I also need to buy myself a good set of brushes! I have already bought myself one good brush for powder, all the rest are cheap and, well, nasty!

3) Do well at university. I got into university (there will be a more detailed blog coming soon) I obviously want to do as well as I can. I am worried I will lose that motivation when I get there, especially with so many distractions! I am really looking forward to meeting new people and learning. I also hope to do more, including seeing shows and travelling more!

4) Watch more films. Again, a more unusual resolution. I have barely watched any films, my friends cannot believe I haven't seen so many "classic" films. In all honesty, I do not like watching films alone, I'd much rather game, I feel more involved when I'm moving a character and making decisions. It's quite difficult to be around friends who talk about films and TV shows a lot, I'm just standing in silence!

5) Last but not least, get into a more regular blogging pattern! My blogging has been a bit hit and miss recently, and I apologise for that. I want to try out loads of new things, talk about my weight loss and do some more nail art!

Happy new year to you all, thank you for reading! Let me know what your resolutions are if you have any!


  1. Totally understand that barely-watched-any-films thing haha! I just recently watched the LOTR trilogy (about a decade later), but kept hearing from friends how surprised they were that I hadn't seen them...
    Congrats on getting into University - from the time you start till the time you grad, definitely try new things! It's an awesome environment to be in - I loved meeting so many people, both different and similar to myself, while I was there - Makes for a great place to just learn more about yourself and the world around you. SO many opportunities out there :)!

    Happy New Years!!

    1. I have only seen the first LOTR!! I get that all the time, how can you not have seen *film*. It's annoying at times, I'm not the biggest fan of watching films on my own.
      Thank you, I hope to try new things, I can't wait to meet new people! My mum keeps saying it will be the making of me, I hope it is!!

      Happy new year to you too :) xx