Saturday, 7 December 2013

Second hand beauty haul!

With Christmas approaching, you'll start to notice more Christmas bazaars being advertised on windows and in newspapers. These take place around the end of November to 2nd week of December. These are normally held in Church halls or community halls.  I went to 2 last week in my local town. Unfortunately in the first one I didn't buy a thing, but in the second one I bought a few new things!

Everything I bought!

There are occasionally entry fees, generally 20-50p, but it goes to local good causes! It can be hit and miss which ones have more variety and more tables inside but ask any of your family/friends, see if they have been to any! As well as beauty products, there will often be cake, tea, books, jewellery and more for sale.

I thought I'd talk about what I bought last week, as I got some great bargains! Christmas bazaars aren't a place where many people think about getting products from, but the amount of beauty products you can buy at a bargain price that are new is great! It's a shame more people do not turn up to them! (Though not to the ones in Harlow, they are mine! :p)

The first thing I bought was the body shop peppermint smoothing pumice foot scrub. I already have a gift set of their peppermint range and I love it, they are the best products I have found for feet. The 100ml container cost me 60p! This product new costs £7, saving me £6.30! Bargain!

I also bought some No7 products. I bought 2 extreme length black mascaras and a No7 eye shadow in the shade Island tea. I don't buy No7 products often, I usually only buy them when I have a voucher for £5 off. I have previously tried their lip glosses and nail varnish and not had a problem with them so I thought I'd give these a go. These products are older and are not available to buy in store or online, but for 90p it was worth the risk! The mascaras are pretty good, they aren't the best mascaras I have tried but considering they are older and cost 20p each, they are fantastic for the money. The eye shadow is a powder blue shade, which is different to what I normally wear (grey or brown). I have found this eye shadow to last a few hours and has a fairly strong colour to it, despite being a pale colour. Again, I cannot complain for 50p!

I also bought a NSPA fresh sweet raspberry shower and bath gel for 60p. I have heard good things about the NSPA brand in recent times from fellow beauty bloggers, so I was more then happy to buy it! I have not tried it yet, I'm waiting to finish the shower gel I'm currently using (Boots zingy lemon shower gel) but the smell of this is gorgeous! This is a must for fruit lovers, it has a strong, sweet scent without being overpowering and sickly, I cannot wait to try it!

The last thing I bought was a moisturising body lotion by Mason & Miller for 10p. I have not heard of this brand, I thought for 10p I cannot lose really! This is only a 20ml sample. Being honest I have a cold and I have tried using it, it was a weird smell that I am unable to distinguish, but the body lotion itself is okay, it isn't the best, but I have tried worse that have cost more! I will use it up but I wouldn't recommend it, I hope to use it up before my cold goes away!

Good luck if you go to any Christmas bazaars! I hope you find lots of goodies! Let me know in the comments if you have bought any bargains recently!

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