Tuesday, 14 January 2014

£1 nail varnish remover pen - poundland

I decided to try out this £1 corrector pen I bought when I had a poundland haul about a month ago. Nearly all of us get some nail varnish on our skin from time to time, no matter how hard we try! So what better then a nail varnish removal pen?! Well most things as it turns out...

In fairness for £1, I wasn't expecting much. The pen it's self looks like a felt tip pen, and one good comment about it, it doesn't smell! To test this I painted my nails and purposely went over, so I could remove some nail varnish. I also used 5 different nail varnishes, some more stubborn to see how it would cope.

The pen before I started to use it!

The nail varnishes I used were (left to right) Nails Inc. in Basil street, No7. Stay perfect nail colour in sunset, Rimmel London Lycra PRO professional finish in blue vogue, models own in raspberry crush and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with NYLON in black night.

The first couple of nails was worse then a nail varnish remover. The pen is much easier to use then a cotton wool pad or cotton buds. But unfortunately, not long after this, it started to go downhill. As I ran out of space on the nib that didn't have nail varnish on it, using it led to nail varnish from previous nails starting to smudge onto my skin! This looked awful! Where I had removed blue and red nail varnish, I was getting purple skin around my nails!

The picture above, shows my nails before I used the pen. I hurt my finger hence the plaster! Below shows after using the pen. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone if I am being honest. It's really easy to use but doesn't really function as it should for very long! I would like to try other brands of nail varnish remover pens to see if they are any better. Have you tried any nail varnish remover pens? Let me know if you can recommend me one to try!

Closer view of the purple around my finger.

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