Saturday, 25 January 2014

Beauty empties before I start university!

Hello everyone! I am now settled into a temporary home while I look for somewhere more permanent for when I start university in February. While packing at home, I came across a few empty bottles and a couple very nearly empty that I will leave at home! Since I had used or nearly used the products and have been using them for a few weeks/months, I have a good insight into them and whether I would recommend them or not!

The products I have finished or nearly finished with.

The first product is this Dove beauty hand cream. It was bought for me last Christmas and have been using it on and off the past year. There is a reason for this, I don't really like it. The main plus point is that it does smell like any other Dove original products and I love the smell. But for me personally, it goes downhill from there. I found this beauty hand cream very watery, it didn't moisturise my hands after uses so gave up with it. I recently re-discovered it and again I didn't find it much help. I have seen these in shops/drug stores for about £2-3 and to be honest, I would not recommend this at all, it is not rich nourishing as stated on the front.

Dove beauty hand cream

The next product I have is the body shop's pink grapefruit hand cleanse gel. I got given this and a sweet lemon one when our town's Body Shop had a revamp, along with a satsuma body butter and a seaweed clarifying toner! It looks like it's a full bottle but I've had it upside down to get every last drop out! Anyway back to the pink grapefruit hand cleanse gel, I am a fan of hand cleansers, but unfortunately they always smell really strong. But these are fantastic! Both this one and the sweet lemon one smell of their respective fruit! They cost £2.50 without discount for 50ml, I know you can get more for a £1 in a pound shop, but if you honestly hate the smell of hand sanitisers, I highly recommend these!

Body shop hand cleanse gel

As you can see in the next picture, I have scraped out this Nivea lip balm! I am a big fan of Nivea, especially their primer and their lip balms. You can generally find some of their lip balms in pound shops! I have already used 3 of these and one essential care lip balm. Even for £2 which I think is the maximum I've seen them in shops, I would highly recommend these! This lip balm gives a very slight tint and smells gorgeous!

Nivea lip care velvet rose

Next up is this OSIRIS nail polish remover. This costs £1 or just under in savers and it's fantastic! I've tried so many nail varnish removers costing between £1-£3 and most either don't work, or smell disgusting! But this is the best one I've come across so far, it's acetone free and doesn't smell that bad for a nail polish remover. The only trouble is it can be difficult to get hold of, I have only seen it in savers, so I try and stock up!

Osiris nail polish remover

I have been using Schwarzkopf GLISS for a few years on and off. I don't stick to one conditioner for long, I find my hair gets used to it and becomes less effective. I have used the pink, red and white GLISS conditioners and find the pink or white one the best. I generally buy these when they are £1 in drug stores/high street or in the pound shops. I won't say they are the best conditioners I have ever used, but for £1 they do a very good job, great for those cutting back on costs or on a lower budget!

Schwarzkopf gliss liquid silk conditioner
This boots zingy shower gel was also bought for me. I believe this is now unavailable as I haven't seen it in boots but I thought it was worth a review. As you may, or may not know, I absolutely love the smell of lemon! This shower gel is very similar to the original source lemon shower gel, just less potent. I have had no problems with this shower gel, I would assume the cost would be less then £3 a bottle, I would easily recommend this if it is still available to buy!

Boots zingy lemon shower gel
The last item is Alberto Balsam, those who follow me on twitter may know I love the drink apple tango! I saw this in superdrug and had a sniff and it's so strong! They were 99p each and on a deal 4 for £3, I only bought this to try it out. Unfortunately I didn't read the bottle and it says normal to greasy hair. I would describe mine as normal to dry. This does clean your hair but does make it feel a bit on the dry side! I would recommend this to anyone that has greasy hair but not those with dry to normal hair.

Alberto Balsam shampoo

That's it everyone! Let me know if you've tried some of these products out, I love to hear other people's opinions of products I've used to see if they have had similar experiences! I have to apologize with the lack of posts, I've been so busy with paper work and packing/unpacking. I hope at the end of February, once I have a timetable and hopefully somewhere new to live, things will have more of a schedule, but until then, posts will be whenever I am free!

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