Monday, 6 January 2014

Emily the strange nail varnish set

Hello everyone, happy new year! One of my Christmas presents was an Emily the strange purrfectly flawless nail varnish set as seen below.

The box and contents
This set comes with 4 nail varnishes, red, pink, blue and purple. As this was a gift I haven't looked into the price nor where this was bought, I am sure the brand does other make up, but I am unsure if they do more colours. Each nail varnish comes with a small tag/charm of a cat, which are cute but a couple were difficult to remove, which led to nail varnish on my hand!

The 4 nail varnishes
Being a brand I have not heard of before, I wasn't expecting much. But I am pleasantly surprised! These nail varnishes are really easy to apply, don't smell that strong and have a really strong colour! The only downside of these are that they take a little longer then most nail varnishes to dry, but apart from that, they are really good! I would definitely recommend these to my friends, they even last as well as Barry M or similarly priced nail varnishes.

The end result
 Have any of you tried this brand or may do in the future? Let me know!


  1. i really like these polish colours!i hadn't heard of this brand either but glad the quality of the polish was good!:)xx

    1. They are lovely! I wasn't expecting much to be honest but glad I was bought these :) xx