Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lush bubble bar - the comforter review

Hi everyone! As I think I have mentioned before, my town does not have a lush, this makes me pretty sad, but I was lucky enough for my boyfriend to buy me a couple of bath bits for me for Christmas! I will be moving to Luton tomorrow (19th January) for uni, which has a lush, yay! I know you can buy lush products online but I want to have a sniff before I buy!

I'm not one for having bubble baths but I saw the comforter and loved the swirls, it reminded me of raspberry ripple ice cream! Upon having a sniff I was in heaven! I love blackcurrants, whether its in a juice or a sorbet I make in the summer.

The comforter bubble bar

I have used this in 3 baths and used about half the bar in total. The more you put in under the running tap, the more bubbles and the darker the colour of the bath water is! I was worried that the colour will stain light bath towels but I am happy to say it doesn't! Using this will make your bath water a pink-purple colour, bubble up and smell of blackcurrants, note it doesn't smell as strong as the bubble bar, but you can still smell it.

the comforter bubbles

I find using this bubble bar, as supposed to nothing, really relaxing! I honestly didn't think I would notice the difference, and maybe some wouldn't. I would recommend the comforter bubble bar, you can get 6-8 baths out of it making each bath about 60-75p each! For a more relaxing experience, add some candles around your bath! The combination made me feel so relaxed! This bubble bar has been perfect as I have been really stressed out recently with paperwork and packing for uni!

Have you tried any of Lush's bubble bars? Which ones would you recommend? Let me know below!

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