Sunday, 23 February 2014

Talkative Thursdays (I know it's Sunday)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days and for the delay of this one! I went home on Wednesday to visit my family and my friends, which was really awesome. I went out with a meal with some friends and drinks with another friend at my local pub. It did feel strange being home, I'm used to living with 8 other people, so living back with my mum was very quiet, but I managed to catch up on some sleep! My sister Kathryn bought me some nail varnishes and cute owl stickers, I can't wait to try out the nail varnishes, I will review them on here!

Sorry for the lack of quality of these pictures, I took them on my camera and can be seen on my Instagram page. University has been a bit slow to start, my lectures this week were introducing me to the course, but I am very glad to have got my timetable (well in 4 different parts) so I can start planning ahead!

That's it really for this week's talkative Thursdays (Sunday, I know..). The next one WILL be on Thursday as usual! I took loads of pictures at home of things I've been meaning to review but had left at home, they will be coming up in the next few weeks! Let me know below if you like these blogs to do with my personal life or if I should make them fortnightly etc!


  1. I like your talkative Thursdays :) keep them going!

    Catherine x