Thursday, 13 February 2014

Talkative Thursdays!

Hi everyone, this will be the first in a new series called talkative Thursdays! My last post about university went down so well and was a post requested by YOU guys in a BBloggers chat! I was hoping to make this a weekly thing on Tuesdays but it turns out I am in all day Monday and Tuesday so Thursday would be easier!

In the past week the big thing I did was register at the University of Bedfordshire! It feels completely real now! I felt like many people didn't believe I was going to uni, even myself I was pinching myself! But I finally registered. It was an easy process, it was in stages and easily laid out. Luckily as I done the preregistration at home, I managed to save myself some time!

I also attended some induction sessions, it was nice to meet people who are on similar courses to me, but it was a little awkward being the only criminologist to turn up! But in a way this was good as I got a tour of the uni from my lecturer.

Aside from university, I am settling in well at Luton, it's really nice to be away from home and be independent. I love living with my boyfriend who I have been with for nearly 5 years as well as some of my mates, it's awesome. I'm really looking forward to uni but I am scared too, I worry it will be too much for me but we will see.

I hope you guys like these talkative Thursdays, it will be a weekly thing, but if people would rather me do this once every 2 or 4 weeks instead then let me know! All feedback is welcomed.

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