Friday, 28 February 2014

Talkative Thursdays!

So yet again this blog post is late, though only by 3 hours. So if you follow me on twitter, I've been ill recently with a cold that I got given at uni *thanks* and tonsillitis which always makes me feel like I have flu, I'm nearly bed bound and ache a lot! I'm starting to feel a little better so I hope to be well for when I have university all day on Monday and Tuesday.

So it hasn't been a good week for me in all honestly, besides being ill, I've not been dealing with my depression and anxiety as well for some recently. On Mondays, I am in university from 9am - 6pm but At 11:00 I went home. I felt slightly faint, breathing had increased, I felt like my world was crushing down around me. I had spent the last 30 minutes or so trying not to run out the door and break down in to floods of tears. I felt pretty embarrassed to be honest, it's not something that has happened since I moved away from home and I have an idea what caused it. Unfortunately the source of the problem seems likely to be with me until I start my second year of university in September.

Leading to happier news, I went to see the lego movie with my boyfriend, it's his birthday so I treated him to a few things, this being one of them. I really enjoyed it, I used to play with lego a lot when I was younger and I wasn't expecting too much from the film despite the amount it cost and voices/actors in the film. But I really enjoyed watching it and would recommend it to those who played/play with lego!

As you may know, I am also a gamer. I decided to buy diablo 3 with the upcoming DLC on PC, I absolutely love it! I've been playing it a lot the past 2 days since I got it. My boyfriend will be leaving tonight (Friday night) to go home and see his family as it was his birthday during the week. This will mean I will have our room to myself, which I'm looking forward too. I will be catching up on university work but also playing my keyboard as there's not really much space too when we are both here!

Hope you have enjoyed reading a bit into my life, you can follow me on twitter @maccers26 to see what else I am up too!

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