Monday, 3 February 2014

The way we were tag!

Hi everyone! I was tagged by Catherine, whose blog can be found here. I love being tagged and taking part in various tags! This tag involves answering 11 questions about our "firsts" in the beauty world. After you tag some people! If you get tagged by someone, don't forget to post their blog near the top!

1) First beauty memory?
I think mine has to be a fairly classic drawing make up on my eldest sister, of course I gave her a tash!

2) First beauty product you remember buying?
I remember this really well for all the wrong reasons! *cringe* I was about 10 or 11 years old, I bought a foundation in Poundland which didn't match my skin colour. I hated people taking the p*** out of me for having red cheeks (caused by rosacea). I must have used half of the bottle and caked it on my face. Same friends said how terrible it looked!

3) When did you start wearing make up?
Well apart from the incident above, I started wearing make up when I was in year 10 of school, so I would have been 15 or very nearly 15. I wore make up everyday for over 4-5 years and it's only been recently I can see my friends without make up on, which was a massive achievement last year! I wore The Body Shop foundation, which I still did until recently when they discontinued it!! I also wore Barry M dazzle dusts in pink, green and blue (I was very garish back then!) I used a few different maybelline mascaras, again which I still use today! I also used 2True lip glosses.

4) What about skincare?
Despite having rosacea, I never really looked after my skin until recently. I would occasionally use Body Shop body butters, and use make up wipes for my make up AND THAT WAS IT. Nowadays I use so many products! I have combination skin which can be a nightmare at times! There will be blogs coming up in the next couple of months about what products I use!

5) Are there things you did when you started out beauty wise that make you cringe?
Read number 2 (though I'm sure you already have!).

6) Is there anything you like when you look back?
Well apart from the fact I am honest with people, no not really. I was bullied horrifically, I have spoken about my depression and my suicide attempt, I only look into the future, life is really good at the moment :)

7) How did you learn about applying make up? What's made you better now then in the past?
Well the answer to the first part is trial and error! Lots of eye liner in my eye, foundation not being blended properly etc. In the past year or so I have been watching YouTube videos to see what products other people use and any tips/tricks.

8) and skincare?
I mainly learnt about this on blogs and YouTube as I said before I didn't help my skin at all!

9) If you have a daughter in the future or already have one or have a niece/cousin/God daughter, what would you tell them about beauty? 
The most important thing I'd tell her is that she is beautiful as she is, she doesn't need make up to be beautiful, once you have some confidence in yourself, you don't need to hide behind a mask. I would also tell her the prettiest thing a girl can wear is her smile. Of course I would give her tips and show her some blogs when she is old enough!

10) If you could talk to your past self at the age you started trying beauty products, what would you say?
Avoid fried chicken and exercise more! Seriously I would tell myself to eat more healthily and maybe find a sport as a hobby. That would help my health and maybe I would say to look after my skin better, as in the future it will help with wrinkles etc. Lastly I would say that things get better, it may take many years but things do get better eventually!

That's it finished! Anyone is free to do this but I will tag a few people


  1. thank you for doing this laura! I love your answers, I had great fun reading this.

    Catherine x

    1. Well thank you for the tag! :) Hope more people take part, was fun to write :D xx