Sunday, 9 March 2014

Boots 3 for 2 - collection items

Hi everyone, as you may know I've been really ill the past 2 weeks. I've had a really bad cold and sore throat, I was practically bed bound for a few days. Also, as I am doing my first year of uni in half a year, I have a lot of examinations coming up, 5 of which are in March, so I have been using what little brain power I had to revise and actually drag myself to university!

I apologise for the lack of quality to the pictures, I went home without my camera, so I had to take my pictures with my mobile, many of my upcoming blogs will have this problem, but I left so much I wanted to review at home, typical!!

So, we all love 3 for 2 at boots, I was back home when it happened and I needed some make up. I thought I had left enough make up at home, turns out both of my mascaras are dried out, I had no liquid eye liner, no liquid concealer and my foundation was nearly empty, again, typical! I found some brown mascara which is fine, but I will bring some black mascara from uni over Easter. This left me needing liquid concealer, foundation and an eye liner.

I have been a fan of collection (was collection 2000) for a about a year or so, since my favourite foundation was discontinued, I tried their 3 in 1 foundation and found it nearly as good for just under half the price! As I wanted something reliable, I bought the same one yet again! I do want to try some new foundations, please let me know if there are any other good foundations for around the £10 or under mark. I know this is a 3 in 1, but I have rosacea which is a skin condition, so I need a heavier foundation that covers a lot of redness, I find this brilliant for the money and would recommend it, especially for rosacea sufferers!

I have heard A LOT about the collection lasting perfection 16 hour concealer, I seriously heard so much "hype", many girls say it's their favourite concealer, for under a fiver I had to see how good it is and how it compares to the hype. I am very pleased to say that the hype is true, it's amazing! It's seriously good for the price, it's fantastic to cover those stubborn dark circles as well as any nasty red spots. I have yet to test if it lasts 16 hours but it's lasted immaculately when I've used it for 8 hours or so, so I can well imagine it will last up to the 16 hours or nearly the 16 hours!

Lastly I bought Collection's EXTREME 24 hour felt tip liner. Like many girls I love felt eye liners, it's so easy to apply! Again I have not tested whether it lasts 24 hours but I have noticed this eye liner lasts longer then the NYC one I was using. I sometimes find the NYC, despite it lasting up to 10 hours, can fade or come off, especially the inner and outer eyelid! I have found Collection's eye liner to last without partially coming off!

Did you buy anything in the last 3 for 2 and recommend me to try something? Let me know below, I love hearing what you have all bought!!

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