Wednesday, 19 March 2014

GOSH eye shadows

Hi everyone, when I was back home last month, I re found my love for GOSH eye shadows! I have a quattro and a triple eye shadow, the latter I believe isn't available any more. For those who read my blogs often and/or follow me on twitter know, I love cheaper/drugstore make up, I know it's better to spend £10 on an eye shadow for it to be amazing but for that amount I can buy loads of very good quality products! So back to GOSH, being honest I haven't tried any other of their make up before, not even to this day apart from eye shadows, let me know below if you have used other GOSH products, what are they like?

I bought the GOSH triple (not sure on it's name) eye shadow for £2 or £3 as the lid had completely come off and the silver eye shadows was only half there, this didn't bother me as I have l love grey/silver eye shadows and already have some. It is worth looking in superdrug or any other beauty/drug stores to see if they have a reduced or damaged section, items can me significantly reduced if you don't mind a bit of the product missing or the lid not working etc! The quattro eye shadow costs £8 but I got this at least a year ago and had a £2 off coupon, so I paid £6.

Look how much I've used the one on the right!

There are 2 ways of looking at GOSH eye shadows, you're getting each eye shadow for £2 each roughly when you buy little sets like this one, considering many single eye shadows can range from £1 all the way to £10+ it's not that bad, on the other hand brands such as MUA offer 10 eye shadows on a pallet for £4, making them 40p an eye shadow!

It was obvious the damaged product I bought from Superdrug had been dropped, I also dropped my GOSH quattro on my carpet and the black eye shadow completely shattered, which was irritating as at the time as it was my only black eye shadow. I'm not completely sold on the quality of the product as I have dropped other branded eye shadows on carpet and they have been fine, even £1 MUA ones! But one thing I love about GOSH eye shadows is that they blend very well. I especially love the triple eye shadow, you may only have 3 colours but blending them, you have many tones of them colours!

 I would like to try out more GOSH products in the future  and I would recommend them, I would advise to be careful not to drop them! The eye shadow themselves are fantastic and would buy more when these are running out. Below are some swatches, I apologize they are not the best quality as I took these when I was home, so I had to use my mobile to take the pictures. Please let me know below if you have tried any other GOSH products and if you'd recommend them.

Triple palette

Quattro, missing the black


  1. One of the best proofs a product is good is when you see a blogger has used it so much!
    It looks amazing!

    Great colours

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. I completely agree, also I think the reviews tend to be better as the blogger has used it for several weeks, not just once or twice!
      Thank you, will have a look at your blog now x