Monday, 24 March 2014

Lush - Dragon's egg bath bomb

Like many of you, I LOVE LUSH. When you enter the shop, you want to smell everything! The staff are always so friendly but don't make you feel awkward or you HAVE to buy something like many other shops. For those who read my blogs often or follow me on twitter, you'll know my favourite scent is Lemon. I have so many lemon beauty items, mainly with thanks to the Body Shop. When smelling the bath bombs in LUSH, I knew the dragons egg was the one I needed to buy! As well as Lemon oil, there is a hint of jasmine, which has different properties including helping sensitive skin, mood uplifting, helping stress and helping with muscles pains/aches.

I really recommend the dragons egg for those who love the smell of citrus or lemon sherbet! Even before I used it, I could smell it for days every time I walked past where I stored it! I forgot to take pictures of it in the bath *sorry* but I can describe it. It turns the bath water orange, the middle of the dragons egg is orange and has gold glitter in the middle.

The bath bomb paints a picture of being in a dragon's lair, orange maybe being lava, usually there is treasure, so within the middle is gold, just like in a lair. The white creates a smoky top layer, being the steam/mist from the heat. The confetti circles that dissolve could be gems. Maybe I'm looking way into this, but it's the picture it painted for me!

The Dragon's egg costs £3.25 and more information and pictures can be found here.

The only other LUSH product I have tried is the comforter, are there any other products you recommend apart from the bubblegum lip scrub? It's in my Spring wish list and I hope to buy one over Easter!


  1. This looks and sounds so nice! great review xxx


    1. Thank you hun, it's so lovely, would highly recommend to lemon lovers! xxx

  2. I love lush but i've never tried dragons egg it sounds really good, you can smell lush as you walk past in the street it's so hard to resist going in.

    Jorden x

    1. That's one thing I love about LUSH, same as the body shop, you can smell it before you go in! I really recommend the dragons egg, I really want to try some more of them, but I am unsure to which one I want to try xx