Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Make up free - Breast Cancer awareness

I was tagged by the lovely Catherine to do this post. You may have seen many blog posts, tweets and facebook status' about Breast Cancer awareness today.

All you have to do is not wear make up and post your picture online to spread the word! Breast cancer does not only affect women, but men too. Here are some interesting statistics about mortality and survival rates, also showing how many males and females are diagnosed a year.

As well as awareness, research always needs money. The real way to help is to donate money to breast cancer research, either by texting BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 (make sure you have bill payer's permission) or when you see someone collecting for them in town, if everyone donated 10p, it would raise thousands!

I rarely go out without make up on, at uni I have to wear make up, otherwise I won't go in. Only a few of my friends have seen me without make up on. I was bullied all through school, especially about my rosacea and my weight, until my confidence so low I wear make up everyday. For me, putting up a picture of me without make up is a big thing. Though being honest this is the nicest picture of me without make up on, but it's better than no picture, plus it's for a good cause. I am pictured with my boyfriend of 5 years on the 26th March.

I will not tag anyone specific, but will tag anyone reading this, male or female. I will look forward to seeing other people's pictures and blogs, spreading awareness of breast cancer.


  1. hun, you look amazing! you are beautiful :) I know how you feel, like you I struggle not wearing makeup, but you are beautiful :)

    thankyou for doing this! :)

    Catherine x

    1. Thank you hun, and thanks for tagging me, otherwise I probably wouldn't have done it! xx

  2. You're beautiful. Never think otherwise miss! So glad to have found your lovely blog, look forward to reading more posts :)
    L xo

  3. Great post :) I think its a good way to raise awareness :)

    Hayley x

    1. I agree it is a great way! It's already raised over £1,000,000! xx