Thursday, 20 March 2014

Talkative Thursday

Hi everyone! Another week has gone by! I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing since being at university. It's been a mixed week for me, I got 27 out of 32 on one of my online assessments, which counts as 20% of 1 module (I have 4 modules in total). Being honest I was a little bit disappointed, I know the first year doesn't count towards the final grade, but I want to do as well as possible. Still, at least I passed, which is the main thing!

I had another anxiety attack while at uni, I managed to stay in my chair until the hour break I have where I explained to my lecturer I was going home, luckily for me, she was very understanding.  I did not suffer with this at college, I thought I was getting better mentally, but I need to try and find the cause of these and hopefully minimize the chances of one happening.

Onto beauty products, I bought quite a few items in 2 blog sales! I already have so many products to blog about, yet I buy more! As I type this, I am watching lots on eBay too, I keep telling myself I could have worse addictions!

It's quite a short post this time, not much has happened, I will need to type up some blog posts to be released when I am away in a few weeks time for Easter. Hopefully by then I would have a new place to move into! But I will keep you all posted on here! Let me know what you have been up too, either comment or maybe you have a weekly personal blog post? Let me know below!

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