Thursday, 3 April 2014

Barry M dazzle dust review

Hi everyone! So as my 3rd memory card reader has failed on me, I've had to switch around what reviews I am writing.

I have been using Barry M's dazzle dusts for years. During year 10 of secondary school,  2006-2007, I first discovered these dazzle dusts. I had a phase of really bright eye shadow, as I have rosacea, I found bright eyes to distract away from looking at my bright red face. The picture below shows me in year 10, aged 14-15 with pink Barry M dazzle dust on, this photo was taken 6-7 years ago when cameras on mobiles were pretty rubbish, so it's nearly impossible to see. I wanted to show how long I have been using these products for and how much I like them as I still use them even today!

Aged 14-15 with Barry M glitter dust on

Today I have 4 in my collection. I have to admit I do not use these very often as I don't wear bright colours that often, I tend to either not wear eye shadow, or go for silvers and nudes! As with other Barry M products, there are a range of colours, and there are even lighter shades, I have my eye on gold iridescent. Dazzle dusts cost just under £5 each and for some that may seem a little steep as you can get palettes for under £10 with many more colours. But Barry M dazzle dusts LAST FOREVER. In some of the pictures I have taken, it looks like I haven't used them but I can promise you all I have used them several times!

Below is a couple of pictures of me using Barry M dazzle dusts a week or 2 ago, I used a brush which I bought as an eye liner applicator but it's not great, but perfect for precision dazzle dust!

Rocking out some PJs as I get ready!
Not sure with my face here but I think
it shows the eye make up better.

I would really recommend dazzle dusts to anyone who likes dust/loose eye shadow. It can be a little messy if you're not used to using them, I find it helps to tap any excess powder first before applying! They last a really long time as I said before, so they are worth the cost. They last on the eye for hours and are easy to remove despite being glittery. I really want to expand my Barry M collection, I LOVE their nail varnishes and I would like to try more of their make up. Below is is a picture of swatches and what they look like, I think the pots are really cute and easy to store. The pictures are sub optimal as they were taken on my phone, but I really hope you understand my love for Barry M, a company I have been using for 6-7 years now and would not stop using! 

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