Monday, 14 April 2014

Get to know me tag

I was tagged by +Caledonian Kitty (twitter and blog) to do this tag! The only rules are to include who tagged you and tag some BBloggers at the end, also answer the questions! (:

Question 1 ~ Flats or Heels?:

Despite being 5 foot 0 tall, flats.. heels hurt my feet :(

Question 2 ~ What's Your Fave Nail Polish Brand?:

Models Own me thinks!

Question 3 ~ Top 5 Movies Of All Time?:

I don't watch films I'm a gamer! D: Um I like battle royale, date movie, dark knight rises, Avengers Assemble and erm Wreck it Ralph, I'm sure I'll think of better ones later!

Question 4 ~ Fave Male and Female Singer?:

Matthew Bellamy and Hayley Williams 

Question 5 ~ If You Could Take Only 3 Make Up Products To a Desert Island what would they be?:

Well let's think this through, it's unlikely anyone will be there, plus I'm assuming it's going to be hot. Sun cream would be essential, then I'm thinking one of those pocket size make up tool sets, with nail clippers and scissors etc then lastly some foundation in case there are fit men there :p

Question 6 ~ What's Your Fave Disney Movie?:

Wreck it Ralph it's the only one I can remember.. :/

Question 7 ~ What's your Fave High End Make Up Brand?:

I cannot afford high end but I have a couple of small clinique items so I have to say them :p

Question 8 ~ What's your Fave Drug Store Make Up Brand?:

This always changes, but at the moment Max Factor!

Question 9 ~ Describe yourself in 5 words?:

Gamer, short, fat, student and skint! Ha 

Question 10 ~ Shower or Bubblebath?:

Showers! Unless I need to wind down 

Question 11 ~ Which 3 Products are on your Wishlist that you would love to try?:

The Body Shop's olive range (just everything!) Ciate chalkboard manicure and real techniques make up brushes.

Question 12 ~ What's your Fave body cream?:

The body shop sweet lemon (now discontinued)

Question 13 ~ Who Is your Fave Actress and Actor?:

As I don't watch films I don't really look out for actors/actresses but I like Kristen Stewart (insert witty comment about how she never smiles etc) and Chris Hemsworth (phwoar) 

Question 14 ~  Your no1 Female Role Model and Why?:

Would it be clich√© to say my mum? She has been through a LOT, like seriously I wish I could say what but I feel it's inappropriate,  she's the strongest woman I know mentally and she has taught me a lot!

Question 15 ~ Who Are Your Top 5 Fashion/Glamour Icons?:

Going for celebs I like how they dress rather then proper glamour icons, if you know me, you can tell I'm into fashion as a plus sized female, I wear whatever fits! Fearne Cotton, Hayley Williams, Kristen Stewart, Kelly Brook and Katy Perry. 

Question 16 ~ What's your Fave Chocolate?:

Cadburys/galaxy or both together ;) 

Question 17 ~ Do you wear Fake Tan?, If So, what's your Fave Brand?:

Nope, unlike many Essex girls, I embrace the paleness :p

Question 18 ~ What's your Fave TV programme at the moment?:

The big bang theory and Arrow

Question 19 ~ What's your Fave Shampoo & Conditioner range?:


Question 20 ~ What's your Fave Deodrant?:

Any female right guard! It smells so good!

Now time to tag some BBloggers! I always forget who has done what tag so I apologise if you have already done it!

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  1. Hi beauty :D Thanks for tagging me! :D I will do this in a video and give you a lil shoutout! EE How exciting :)

    Don't forget to enter my Giveaway hun! It ends in a few days!

    Lucie xx

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    1. You're welcome hun, already entered! xx