Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Models own sticky fingers review

Hello everyone! So one of the 6 items I recently bought from Model's own was sticky fingers in POW nails red. Sticky fingers is a fairly new range from Models own that comes with 1 colour of nail varnish and stickers, to create some amazing nail art in seconds! Being a gamer I had to go for the POW nails red, this one comes with stereotypical comic book expressions such as "POW" and "ZAP". There are currently 7 colours in the range, 6 unique nail varnish stickers, with the POW nails coming in black as well as red. These cost £6 each and their whole range can be found on their website.

I really like this product, I love simple ways of achieving nail art and this does just that! As usual the nail varnish is superb, I love the shape of the nail varnish brush and the nail varnish itself gives a great coverage, I usually can get away with just the one coat! Below is the result I got from using Models own POW nails red, sorry for the poor picture, it was taken at night on my mobile, as my camera still needs to be unpacked!

Models own POW nails

Being honest there is a knack for using the stickers, I found the edges were difficult to stick down, you need to press them down firmly and apply at least one top coat, I had to use 2 top coats. I took this picture a couple of days ago and so far there has been no lifting of the stickers nor and chipping of the red nail varnish! I would recommend this for anyone who wants to try nail art! At £6 each, this is way cheaper and more fun then going to a salon a few times to get your nails done! Have you tried models own sticky fingers, or maybe want to try them? Let me know below, enjoy the rest of your day!

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