Friday, 11 April 2014

Talkative Thursday

Hi everyone, so this week has been a busy one! I have been filling out a lot of paper work for my new home! So much for Easter holidays! The maisonette (a studio generally attached/part of a property with it's own entrance" is right on the top of my budget, but the area is beautiful plus it's nearly fully furnished!

I hope to move in on the 19th so I will be very busy the next couple of weeks but I will be doing my best to keep on blogging! I still haven't worked out how I am getting my stuff to the new house yet, so this will be fun! The best plan I have so far involves a lot of bin bags and cabs!

I am getting so close to my give away, which will start when I have 100 Bloglovin followers, as I type this, I have 95 followers on my BLOG, many people follow me without following my blog, which is frustrating as I have only been linking my blog, yet many do not want to follow my blog and don't want to see when I write new ones, which is the whole point of following someone!

I will be going home, I still need to pack some things to leave at home, I have been buying so much since being up here and I need to bring back some of my winter clothes I will not wear for a few more months

I have been under a lot of stress and this is supposed to be my time off before going back to uni, I just hope all this stress will lead me to getting this property, otherwise I will have to start all over again!I am looking forward to doing some DIY projects to make it feel more homely and make the most of the space available. I will of course be blogging about this. It's not the most talkative of Thursdays but hopefully in a couple of weeks time I would have settled down, have internet installed and able to blog properly!

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