Thursday, 24 April 2014

Talkative Thursdays

Hello everyone, I'm back! After a good week and a half of being stressed out from moving and having various problems along the way, I am finally settled into my new home.  I have been so stressed out and to be honest, I haven't been in the right frame of mind to blog. I have moved about 30 minutes away from where I used to live, but I needed to get my own place. The place I now live in is at the top of my budget but it's a lovely area and only a 5-10 minute walk from the uni which means more lay ins!

Another bonus about this house is that it came with a bed and kitchen appliances. Every other place did not come with these so I was fine with paying extra in terms of bills to not have to spend money on a bed and going to a laundrette! I even have my own little garden area so I can hang my washing outside plus in the summer I can sit outside!

The frustrating thing is, as a February starter to university, Easter is the only time I get off all year! Christmas is my next time off and I have spent the whole time being really stressed about paperwork and moving. The move has not been smooth at all, it has taken a few days to move my stuff as I have no one in my family that can do it, I have been heavily relying on my boyfriend's parents to help me. I also had no Gas, electric nor internet at first. It's only today I have everything working apart from hot water in the taps and heating! It has been requested to take some pictures so I will post them below, I have unpacked about half of my things but I need to buy some storage to make the place look more presentable.

I am currently looking at blogging 3 times a week with Thursday being a definite day that I will blog, well I will try to blog! This will depend on my workload at university, I have exams coming up, including one on my birthday, which really sucks but I hope some of my uni friends will be able to celebrate it with me after the exam!

Living room/bed room before
View from my living room
My bed with new bedding

My kitchen
I will leave you all reminding you I have a give away here, celebrating 100 bloglovin followers! It is U.K only. Let me know below what you did over Easter! I would love to hear how everyone else celebrated!

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