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The Body Shop body butters

Hello everyone! So for those who are regulars to my blog and my twitter account, you will know one of my favourite companies is the Body Shop. They make so many beauty products as well as make up, in so many beautiful smells, there is something for everyone! The Body Shop have 5 core values, against animal testing, supporting community trade, activate self esteem, defend human rights, and protecting the planet. During my A levels, I studied environmental science and learnt a lot about these topics, many big companies make millions of pounds every year by destroying the environment, giving farmers barely giving enough money to survive, there is so much more detail I could go into, but I feel this is another blog post all together! The Body Shop is making a huge step in the right direction with over 1 million signatures signing their pledge to prevent animal testing worldwide. 2013 saw the EU banning the import and production of products that test on animals as well as China adopting new policies when it comes to animal testing and gaining the support of Vietnamese authorities to call for bans on animal testing. It should be noted that animal testing is still carried out in many countries by companies, but gaining awareness and more laws is a massive step in the correct direction, these things cannot happen over night! As well as this, the Body Shop has raised millions for charities, more info can be found in the above links.

The body butters currently in my collection

Anyway back to the body butters! I have been using these for years. My sister Kathryn is absolutely addicted to the Body Shop and got me hooked! I've been using their products since before my prom in 2008 so we are talking at least 6 years! The body butters are one of my favourite non make up products, their foundation is my favourite product of theirs without a shadow of a doubt! I love you can buy the body butters in 2 sizes, there are always samples to try in store so you can smell them and use them before buying, there are so many smells/flavours and finally the big ones are on sale fairly often so you can get a bargain!

The big body butters cost £13 (excluding love your body discount) and the smaller ones I believe are only available in sets which is a shame as you used to be able to buy them on their own. The body shop have a sale on at the moment where some body butters are only £5! I'd really recommend stocking up now!

I thought I'd go through some of the ones I've used and talk about which ones I like the most! One handy tip is when you have used these or any body butters in similar containers, don't throw them away! They are fantastic for storing anything small, hair bands, hair clips, some change, buttons, earrings and anything else small you can think of! I'd recommend washing them up though, even if you use all the product, there will always be a tiny bit left so wash them with warm water and washing up liquid, leave them to dry over night or dry them with a tea towel and hey presto, you got yourself some mini storage!

Unfortunately the pictures do not show how many
I have already used..

Starting with my 2 ultra favourites, Moringa and sweet lemon. Again regulars to my blog or twitter will know my favourite scent is lemon and the Body Shop's sweet lemon smelt of lemon sorbet, unfortunately this range was discontinued (along with my favourite foundation!). I was lucky enough for my boyfriend's dad to buy me a big sweet lemon set so I have plenty to keep me going! As for Moringa, I have already used 2 big tubs of body butters! It's my favourite non fruit scent, it smells of white flower and shea butter.

I was pleasantly surprised by the strawberry and satsuma body butters! They are not over powering, for me anyway, and the strawberry is not overly sweet, it's so nice I have a set which included a body polish (nearly finished with) a bath lily and shower gel, which I will use when I move out! For anyone wanting to try a fruity Body Shop body butter, I'd recommend these 2 to have a smell in store, in the words of my sister "have a sniff!"

For me personally, I am not a fan of chocomania or their vanilla range, I find them both too over powering and too sweet, but I would recommend them to anyone who likes a sweet smell! Also out of the ones pictured, my least favourite is mango. This is because I do not like mangos and this was a gift from my sister, I would have never bought it! But it only has 1 more use before it becomes a storage pot!

In conclusion I am a huge fan of the Body Shop's body butters. As I said before, if you've never tried them, there are samples for you to test in store, not just for body butters but for nearly everything. Also every times I have been in the Body Shop, the staff have been super helpful whether I'm looking to buy for myself or others. What Body Shop products are your favourites? Or let me know what ones you want to try below! I want to try their tea tree and olive collections!

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