Thursday, 1 May 2014

Talkative Thursday

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. How is the unpacking going you may ask, not very well! I've been spending more time doing uni work and talking to people rather then unpack. But I will do it one day, I also need to buy some storage before I completely unpack!

It's been an important week university wise, I have another exam on the 7th of May which as long as I revise, should be okay. But we also started on our poster presentation, this is worth 80% of 1 module! I have faith in our group but I am worried about letting the team down, I would hate to be carried to a good grade!

In other news I bought myself a PS3!  I have really missed gaming on a console and since the price has dropped a lot, I thought I'd finally get one! With exams coming up I cannot play it too much but I really cannot wait for some free time and play on it all day!

Lastly I'm trying to lose weight again. Having PCOS really means I struggle but I have been noticing my clothes that didn't used to fit now do! Which suggests I'm already losing weight, unfortunately I do not have any bathroom scales so I don't know how much weight I have lost! I have gained so much weight over the past couple of years or so due to PCOS, I'd like to be the weight I was when I started collage 5 years ago, and I'll see from there if I want to lose more!

Thank you for reading my weekly blog, let me know what you've been up to? Also any advice on losing weight? I'd love to hear your advice and maybe help each other along the journey!


  1. omg so much to comment on! Firstly PS3 woop woop! I've always been more of an xbox girl haha What games are you into?

    I too struggle with weightloss, having PCOS sucks, I get lumbered with wobbly bits and too much facial hair, Though its not my PCOS's fault I stuff my face hahaha... I know for me personally any form of carbs are my enemy, My body takes a hell of a lot longer to process them and I store them as fat. I know when I followed a calorie controlled diet I saw results, There are so many apps you can use ( I used myfitnesspal ) and you can scan food and it tells you the calories so you can eat what you want, but aslong as you allocate the calories and they are within your intake you lose which is always good. I think if it was that easy nobody would be fat, its just a case of finding what works for you and going at a pace you can keep up so you dont lose loads and then put it all back on ya know?

    Best of luck with the weightloss Laura :) xx

    1. Hey hun! I have had 2 xbox 360s already, both broke! I like Elder Scrolls, diablo, GTA, racing games and some of the older classics like sonic and pokemon.I hate PCOS, I get hair too on my chin mainly which I tend to control by shaving, thank you for the wishes xxxx