Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Miss Sporty fabulous nail patches review

Hello everyone! I went out for a day in London to watch LCS which is a gaming event. I thought this would be the perfect time to try my Miss Sporty fabulous nail patches as I wanted to make an effort with my make up and nails! I have to admit I have tried nail patches/stickers before and to be honest I really disliked them but I thought I would give them another go, perhaps a different brand would be better then the ones I tried before.

£1 for all of these at Poundworld, bargain!

Unfortunately I was not too impressed with these either! The only positives I have to say is that these nail patches came in a set of Miss Sporty make up with a lip balm and a nail varnish for £1! So really every item is 33.3p which is really cheap for Miss Sporty as many items start at £1.99 each. The other positive is that there are a variety of designs and from a distance they look good on the nails.

Nail patches in their packaging

Now for the negatives, I personally find them difficult to stick onto the nail, I tried using nails without a clear coat, nails with a clear coat, even having a tacky coat of clear nail polish. I found it incredibly difficult to stick the stickers down, I had to use two top coats of clear nail varnish to try and seal it all in place! I also found the whole process time consuming, it would have been so much quicker for me to use crackle nail effects or similar to create awesome nail art within minutes, using these took me an hour!! Lastly they did not even last 24 hours, they felt so horrible on my nails I was picking at them getting them off while at the gaming event! It is really difficult to describe but they made my nails feel heavy and irritated so I ended up ripping them all off!

Miss Sporty nail patches zebra print
Finished result!

In conclusion I would not recommend these, unless you really wanted to try them out and find them for as little as I did. I love the Miss Sporty brand, in particular their nail polishes, but I am disappointed with their fabulous nail patches, they were not easy on, as described on the packaging. Let me know if you have tried these or something similar, what was your experience?

Friday, 20 June 2014

Looking at my depression

Hi everyone, it has been 5 weeks since I have last posted/blogged. So where have I been? Well being honest my depression has been really bad recently. It has now got to the point that I can only go out on a Monday, when I have university. Now that I no longer have to go in on a Tuesday, I only go out once a week. I started ordering my shopping online and yesterday I needed food badly, I was crying for 2 hours just because I could not face going out.

If I cannot muster up the confidence to go outside to get some shopping, you can only imagine I have not been in the mood for blogging. That aside I have been doing well at university. For those who do not know, I started my first year in February so I am doing a more intensive version of the first year to catch up to those who started in October 2013. I am enjoying the course and I do like the people in my class, the only problem is I haven't really met any friends. Being in a class of about 17, we all know each other and get along fine, but there is no one I see outside of university time, and no one that likes make up or gaming. At the moment, I am feeling incredibly alone, which is making me feel even worse.

I am definitely looking forward to next academic year where I will have more work to do, therefore less time over thinking and I hope to meet new people when I am put into the same class as those who started in October. I hope I will have the motivation to continue blogging, I do really enjoy it, especially as I have made friends via my blog. I am thinking of doing more posts about depression and my anxiety as well as some reviews.