Friday, 20 June 2014

Looking at my depression

Hi everyone, it has been 5 weeks since I have last posted/blogged. So where have I been? Well being honest my depression has been really bad recently. It has now got to the point that I can only go out on a Monday, when I have university. Now that I no longer have to go in on a Tuesday, I only go out once a week. I started ordering my shopping online and yesterday I needed food badly, I was crying for 2 hours just because I could not face going out.

If I cannot muster up the confidence to go outside to get some shopping, you can only imagine I have not been in the mood for blogging. That aside I have been doing well at university. For those who do not know, I started my first year in February so I am doing a more intensive version of the first year to catch up to those who started in October 2013. I am enjoying the course and I do like the people in my class, the only problem is I haven't really met any friends. Being in a class of about 17, we all know each other and get along fine, but there is no one I see outside of university time, and no one that likes make up or gaming. At the moment, I am feeling incredibly alone, which is making me feel even worse.

I am definitely looking forward to next academic year where I will have more work to do, therefore less time over thinking and I hope to meet new people when I am put into the same class as those who started in October. I hope I will have the motivation to continue blogging, I do really enjoy it, especially as I have made friends via my blog. I am thinking of doing more posts about depression and my anxiety as well as some reviews.

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