Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blog your heart out tag!

I saw this tag on my friend Catherine's blog, which I would highly recommend you checking out, and she did not tag anyone but said for anyone to do it, so I thought I would do this as it seems like ages since I last did a tag post!

what/who encouraged you to start blogging?

I first started out blogging my photography work, but I was so worried about being mugged while out with my camera alone, I stopped, which is unfortunate. I then started blogging about nail art as it's something I have always loved, but more and more I wanted to post about all make up, not just nails so I decided to blog about all make up.

How did you choose which topics to blog about?

I love make up and nail varnish too much.. Plus I needed to justify buying all the make up! ;)

What is something most people don't know about you? 

Something I do not talk about much is my anxiety, sometimes I spend hours crying on my bed because I cannot leave the house, some days will be better then others, but it's something that has got worse since going to uni as I have so much spare time and little reason to go out.

What 3 words describe your style?

Bold, dramatic, intense 

What do you love doing when you're not blogging?

Well I am a student at the University of Bedforshire, so I spend some time either at uni or doing work.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, like Catherine, I will not tag anyone, but you are all welcome to do this! 

Monday, 7 July 2014

June favourites

Hello everyone, we are a few days into July and I thought I would share with you some of my favourite make up throughout June!

Firstly is the Body Shop make up brushes! Unfortunately what I was bought I cannot find on their website but my sister bought me a set of their make up brushes for my birthday, 28th May. I already had their foundation brush which I absolutely adore, now I have 2 as well as a blusher brush, eye shadow brush, lipstick brush and a face and body brush. I really like them all, they are soft and I have had no bristles come out of them, these brushes are definitely worth an investment!

Secondly is Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eye liner 24h in intense black. I was lucky enough to buy this along with Maynelline's great lash mascara for £2 due to an incorrect price! the small pot the gel eye liner is in is fantastic quality and I love gel eye liner's, this is the best I have tried so far! It is extremely easy to apply!

Third is collection's lasting perfection 16 hr concealer in the shade fair. I do not think I have to talk about this too much as it is a favourite of many bbloggers! If you have not tried this, then I seriously recommend it plus it costs under £5, bargain!!

Next is Skin therapy's 3 in 1 make up wipes. I buy these in Wilkinsons and they are 2 packs for £1 with each packet having 25 wipes. I could not find them on their website. These are not the best wipes ever, but for 2p a wipe they remove most make up well and these are the wipes I use over 90% of the time! These make up wipes are as good as any others I have tried that cost £2-3 for 25 wipes and here you get 50! I think they are a bargain even if you use them to freshen up your skin on a hot day!

Next is OPI's nail lacquer shatter effect. Again I could not find this on their website. I really like OPI nail varnishes, if you find a shade you really like, they are worth the money. I used to use Barry M's nail crackle but I find this "crackles" better and dries even quicker!

Lastly is Bourjois volume glamour ultra black mascara. I was lucky enough to win this in a competition and I have loved this for a couple of months now, I find it gives great length and volume! This is my favourite mascara at the moment, winning me over the Body Shop and Maybelline mascaras I was previously using!

So there are my June favourites with some descriptions! What were your June favourites? Let me know below!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday Thoughtnight - piercings

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying July so far! If you follow me online anywhere, you may know I have got some piercings a few weeks ago! The piercings I got were my right eyebrow, left side of my nose and a scaffold on my right ear. I'm here today to talk to you about deciding on piercings, what to do if people are against you getting them done and how much mine hurt!

So the first topic how to decide on piercings? This is actually difficult, generally you'll see people on a day to day basis and may see a certain piercing you like. If you're lucky to know someone with a piercing you like, you can always ask them about it, ask about the pain and where they got it done. You should always think for weeks/months if not even years before getting them done. If you are working or maybe leaving education to go into work, you will need to think about whether the job will allow piercings. If you are unsure then ASK! It'd be horrible to get a piercing and be happy with it, for your work to say they are not allowed!

Another problem I had was many people saying I would not "suit a piercing" and my boyfriend really dislikes facial piercings on females. I am one of those people who tend to care what other people think, I know it is my body and I should do whatever I want, but I don't want to upset anyone nor get a piercing that would not look very good on me. I spoke in depth to my boyfriend and expressed how the piercings would not change my personality plus it is only 2 piercings, after a while they would not be as noticeable as he would get used to them. Once I got his blessing, the next day I skipped university (despite it being my first year, I would not recommend skipping any form of education), to get my piercings. Below are a couple of pictures of what I looked like before and after, though they are both different angles and different looks but I hope you can see how little my face has changed as a result of piercings.

After piercings
Before piercings

In my opinion, the nose hurt the most getting it done, it made my eyes water which is a very common reaction so I have heard. the scaffold hurt a fair amount, much more then a lobe or eyebrow piercings, especially as 2 holes are created. The eyebrow piercing, did not hurt at all, I closed my eye, it felt like he just pulled at my eye brow and I did not realise he had done it, it hurt LESS then my lobe piercing. Again this is my experience, everyone has different pain thresholds, so your experiences will differ!

Picture from
I end this now with only one piercing, my nose got infected and my scaffold hurt so much, it made my Navicular fossa bleed on a daily basis, I struggled sleeping and I could no longer wear over ear or in ear headphones.

So when getting piercings:
DO compare different piercers, check the experience of the team, ask friends.
DO clean, I cannot stress this enough, I thought "oh it's been 3 weeks I'm sure it wont get infected", it will!!
DO ask your work/education if you can have piercings
DON'T be put off by other people's bad experiences, everyone goes to different places and has different experiences.
DON'T be put off by people who say it won't suit you, if you have a desire to have a piercing, then get one! Generally it is people with no piercings who say this.

MAC prep + prime sample review

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, I am a student as money is always tight, somehow not for alcohol though! I have always wanted to try out MAC products as there are so many people who love them but they are too pricey for my budget. There are also the controversial few who say how bad MAC are who say they are worse then many high street brands! I was able to get this MAC sample online I believe via their facebook page but I cannot remember 100%.

According to their website, prep + prime calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil and reduces redness. This is a lot for just a primer to do but at $30 (£17.50 at today's exchange rate), you expect to have a lot of properties! I currently use Nivea's daily essentials express hydration primer which costs £3 or £4 depending where you buy it from!

MAC sample and it's cute packaging

As I though the MAC primer obliterates Nivea's primer! though for 4 or 5 times the cost you would expect it would! I will talk through their claims one by one and give you my opinion. Prep + prime does calm and soothe the skin, it has no scent and has a slight cooling feeling on the skin. It also blots away excess oil, I am not sure how, but my face feels fresher and less oily with this primer on, I do not suffer with oily skin as such so maybe this will differ depending on your skin type. It can be argued it evens out redness, I am a rosacea sufferer, the primer has a slight shine as you apply it, so the redness appears reduced but it look closely and it does not reduce redness! But it's claim is correct it appears more even, but it does not magically make redness disappear, nor does it claim too!

The product is a bright white, creating a slight shine and
reduces the appearance of redness!

I have not tried many primers, especially not in a similar price range to the MAC's. So the big question, will I be buying this instead of my Nivea one or similar prices ones? No. As much as I love this product and rate it really highly, I cannot justify spending £17.50 on 30ml of product as a student. Maybe in the future when I have a job, I may be able to treat myself to a full sized version of this sample. I would definitely recommend this, if you are able to afford MAC products, but to those who are like me and are on a budget, there are still really good primers out there for under £5!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Extracts bath salts

Hello everyone! I went back home for a few days, and since I had a bath, I thought I would try out these bath salts. They are called Extracts made for Tesco supermarket.

I bought these in a job lot of various beauty items. Shea butter is known to have many benefits but especially for its moisturising properties, this is the same for coconut but also has a wonderful smell. As I opened up the bag, there was a very strong smell of coconut, unfortunately as I poured some of the salt into the bath, this smell disappeared.

Despite using very warm water, the salt did not dissolve that well, the colour of the water was exactly the same and the water did not feel any different either. All that happened was I had a less comfortable bath and there was no smell of coconut. I cannot say either that afterwards my skin felt any better! What promised to be a great product turned out to be really disappointing. I would not recommend these to anyone, I am also put off to try and bath salts in the future.

Are there any good bath salts out there? What brand of bath salts should I look into next time?