Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Extracts bath salts

Hello everyone! I went back home for a few days, and since I had a bath, I thought I would try out these bath salts. They are called Extracts made for Tesco supermarket.

I bought these in a job lot of various beauty items. Shea butter is known to have many benefits but especially for its moisturising properties, this is the same for coconut but also has a wonderful smell. As I opened up the bag, there was a very strong smell of coconut, unfortunately as I poured some of the salt into the bath, this smell disappeared.

Despite using very warm water, the salt did not dissolve that well, the colour of the water was exactly the same and the water did not feel any different either. All that happened was I had a less comfortable bath and there was no smell of coconut. I cannot say either that afterwards my skin felt any better! What promised to be a great product turned out to be really disappointing. I would not recommend these to anyone, I am also put off to try and bath salts in the future.

Are there any good bath salts out there? What brand of bath salts should I look into next time?

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