Thursday, 3 July 2014

MAC prep + prime sample review

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, I am a student as money is always tight, somehow not for alcohol though! I have always wanted to try out MAC products as there are so many people who love them but they are too pricey for my budget. There are also the controversial few who say how bad MAC are who say they are worse then many high street brands! I was able to get this MAC sample online I believe via their facebook page but I cannot remember 100%.

According to their website, prep + prime calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil and reduces redness. This is a lot for just a primer to do but at $30 (£17.50 at today's exchange rate), you expect to have a lot of properties! I currently use Nivea's daily essentials express hydration primer which costs £3 or £4 depending where you buy it from!

MAC sample and it's cute packaging

As I though the MAC primer obliterates Nivea's primer! though for 4 or 5 times the cost you would expect it would! I will talk through their claims one by one and give you my opinion. Prep + prime does calm and soothe the skin, it has no scent and has a slight cooling feeling on the skin. It also blots away excess oil, I am not sure how, but my face feels fresher and less oily with this primer on, I do not suffer with oily skin as such so maybe this will differ depending on your skin type. It can be argued it evens out redness, I am a rosacea sufferer, the primer has a slight shine as you apply it, so the redness appears reduced but it look closely and it does not reduce redness! But it's claim is correct it appears more even, but it does not magically make redness disappear, nor does it claim too!

The product is a bright white, creating a slight shine and
reduces the appearance of redness!

I have not tried many primers, especially not in a similar price range to the MAC's. So the big question, will I be buying this instead of my Nivea one or similar prices ones? No. As much as I love this product and rate it really highly, I cannot justify spending £17.50 on 30ml of product as a student. Maybe in the future when I have a job, I may be able to treat myself to a full sized version of this sample. I would definitely recommend this, if you are able to afford MAC products, but to those who are like me and are on a budget, there are still really good primers out there for under £5!


  1. What a cute sample! I didn't manage to get my hands on one! POO! x

    1. I love your sample Sundays! I have so many samples to go through myself! I always check and "10 ways to save money as a student" on facebook xx