Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday Thoughtnight - piercings

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying July so far! If you follow me online anywhere, you may know I have got some piercings a few weeks ago! The piercings I got were my right eyebrow, left side of my nose and a scaffold on my right ear. I'm here today to talk to you about deciding on piercings, what to do if people are against you getting them done and how much mine hurt!

So the first topic how to decide on piercings? This is actually difficult, generally you'll see people on a day to day basis and may see a certain piercing you like. If you're lucky to know someone with a piercing you like, you can always ask them about it, ask about the pain and where they got it done. You should always think for weeks/months if not even years before getting them done. If you are working or maybe leaving education to go into work, you will need to think about whether the job will allow piercings. If you are unsure then ASK! It'd be horrible to get a piercing and be happy with it, for your work to say they are not allowed!

Another problem I had was many people saying I would not "suit a piercing" and my boyfriend really dislikes facial piercings on females. I am one of those people who tend to care what other people think, I know it is my body and I should do whatever I want, but I don't want to upset anyone nor get a piercing that would not look very good on me. I spoke in depth to my boyfriend and expressed how the piercings would not change my personality plus it is only 2 piercings, after a while they would not be as noticeable as he would get used to them. Once I got his blessing, the next day I skipped university (despite it being my first year, I would not recommend skipping any form of education), to get my piercings. Below are a couple of pictures of what I looked like before and after, though they are both different angles and different looks but I hope you can see how little my face has changed as a result of piercings.

After piercings
Before piercings

In my opinion, the nose hurt the most getting it done, it made my eyes water which is a very common reaction so I have heard. the scaffold hurt a fair amount, much more then a lobe or eyebrow piercings, especially as 2 holes are created. The eyebrow piercing, did not hurt at all, I closed my eye, it felt like he just pulled at my eye brow and I did not realise he had done it, it hurt LESS then my lobe piercing. Again this is my experience, everyone has different pain thresholds, so your experiences will differ!

Picture from
I end this now with only one piercing, my nose got infected and my scaffold hurt so much, it made my Navicular fossa bleed on a daily basis, I struggled sleeping and I could no longer wear over ear or in ear headphones.

So when getting piercings:
DO compare different piercers, check the experience of the team, ask friends.
DO clean, I cannot stress this enough, I thought "oh it's been 3 weeks I'm sure it wont get infected", it will!!
DO ask your work/education if you can have piercings
DON'T be put off by other people's bad experiences, everyone goes to different places and has different experiences.
DON'T be put off by people who say it won't suit you, if you have a desire to have a piercing, then get one! Generally it is people with no piercings who say this.


  1. Your eyebrow piercing looks lovely on you! I have a few of my own :)


    1. Aww thank you, I had to take it out, I miss it so much! x

    2. Oh no! Why did you have to take it out? :( x