Monday, 29 June 2015

LUSH Oxford street haul

Hello everyone! I went into London on Saturday. I went to an Ikea for the first time in years and I absolutely loved it! I also watched some of the pride march in London and visited LUSH Oxford street. I was really lucky and my boyfriend bought me six things! I did treat him to a pub dinner and a couple of drinks as I felt really bad for him paying for my goodies from LUSH! I found an old Body Shop box to put my goodies in, I prefer to re use things before throwing or recycling them.

The goodies from LUSH.

Starting from the top left, I got are the comforter shower gel, I love the comforter bubble bar and I am so happy it is now in a shower gel, it smells exactly the same!
Next it is the experimenter, how exciting does this look?! I was told this goes through different colours and ends with purple. I was lucky to get my hands on one of these because the experimenter was selling out fast! I have to admit I am not keen on the smell, it is smoky and slightly spicy, I cannot really describe it, but the colours and shape are so lovely I am excited to try it!
Next is think pink, I do not think this is an exclusive, but I have not seen it in the two other LUSH stores I go to! This is a smaller bath bomb but has 3 flowers in the top and smells very sweet, similar to the melting marshmallow luxury bubble bar.
The bath bomb on the left in the middle row is the guardian of the forest. This has a very fresh scent, and I have to admit this is not a bath bomb I would usually go for, but I love the design and have already seen what colour this makes the bath water, so I had to get it!
The bath bomb next to it is intergalatic. This is a beautiful blue bath bomb with a rainbow strip going all around it. This bath bomb is a must for the mint lovers, it has a very strong peppermint scent.
Lastly at the bottom is the cyanide pill. This has a slight lemon scent, but not sweet like the dragons egg.

LUSH lip sticks
LUSH eye shadow

LUSH Oxford street is a must see for any LUSH fans out there! It has 3 floors and over 200 exclusive products! There are demonstrations taking place, normally the staff will get customers to take part by putting the bath bomb in the water and counting down. The staff there know a lot about the products, even the new ones, which is great for recommendations. The only downside is that as lovely and helpful as the staff are, I had different ones coming over to me as soon as one left me alone, when I did want some time to smell each thing and go at my own pace. I know from watching YouTube videos from LUSH staff that they are told to keep persisting with customers to make sales or more sales. But for me suffering with anxiety, I just wanted to leave the shop so they left me alone!

For those who would like to see some more pictures I took at LUSH Oxford street, including some swatches, they can be found on my facebook page. I hope you like my small haul, let me know if you have been to the LUSH in Oxford street or would like to go!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

How to get samples (Sample Sunday)

Hello everyone, it was requested by several of my followers to write a blog post about how I get samples and looking at some of the ones I have used.  This is not a post to show off how many samples I have, I have been asked several times to write this and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how I get my samples. Samples are a great way to try a product out before buying a full size version, I have bought full sized products if I like the products a lot. Below is some of the things you should and should not do, though this is my opinion. I will list websites that I use at the bottom along with any other information at I think is relevant.

My more recent free samples.


  • Research the company if you have not heard of them. Have a look at their other products and maybe why they are giving away the sample, they may want you to fill out a questionnaire.
  • If there is a condition in you getting the sample, for example a questionnaire/survey, then complete it! You got a free item sent to you and the least you can do is return the favour as such!
  • Let friends or family know, I know if some people want more then one sample, they use other people's addresses I think it is nice to let people know about a sample they may be interested in, sharing is caring!
  • Keep checking websites. I check websites on a daily basis and some I check multiple times in a day, this is because samples are often limited and I have missed out on several samples as a result of not checking.
  • Be wary of websites that take you to another website. This happens after you fill out the information to get the free sample. These often take you to pages asking you to enter other competitions to win £500 or an iPad or something similar. More often then not, these will not work but take the information given.

Do not

  • Apply for samples you do not want or will not use. Most samples are limited to a certain amount, let someone who wants to try the sample try it!
  • Give your bank details! Unless it is for a trial for a website you trust. Personally I would rather not receive a free sample then have to pay for the packaging, I never know what they will do with my bank details.
  • Sell the samples. Free samples are not for resale and again this can put companies off giving out samples in the future. Some posts can be taken down too if they are found being sold online.

Websites and information

As I live in the United Kingdom, these websites will be for the U.K only.
There are a lot more websites then that, all you need to do is google "free samples UK" and hundreds of websites come up. But I often find them all to repeat each other. The above ones are my personal favourites.

10 ways' facebook page sometimes has samples as well as offers.
Hot UK deals is similar to the webpage above, there are some samples but offers tend to occur more.
A worker in The Body Shop told me that they give a sample of something if you ask them. I got given a sample after I had a skincare consultation. They will only give you one sample in case you have an allergic reaction, using several new products at one time makes it difficult to pinpoint which one(s) are causing the reaction. 

I will continue to update this blog post if I find any more useful websites or in store samples. Let me know below if this has been helpful or if you have any other relevant information! 

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Body Shop and Charity shop hauls!

Hello everyone, I got my Body Shop order through this morning after they had 40% off, free delivery and a free hand cream with a £10 spend, I had to buy a couple of bits! I also bought a few bits in a charity shop, two of which are brand new, with the other two being used once, maybe twice. I thought they were individually too small for a haul blog post, so as requested I have put it as one blog post!

Starting with the Body Shop haul I bought the Vitamin E gentle facial wash after having a consultation at the Body Shop a few weeks ago. I was given a small sample of it and have loved using it, so I purchased the full size one! To go with the facial wash, I also bought the vitamin e hydrating toner. I have been using their seaweed toner and have enjoyed using it, but I wanted to try their hydrating toner to see if I prefer that one instead. Since my order came to over £10 I was able to get one of four hand creams for free. I decided to get the moringa hand cream. Moringa is my favourite scent since they discontinued sweet lemon. It has a gentle floral scent just like the rest of the moringa range. I already have their almond, cranberry joy and rose hand creams and like them all, so I expect to like using this moringa one, which is now in my handbag.

Lastly is my charity shop haul. A charity shop is not the first place people go for beauty items but I have picked up some bargains! I purchased Soap & Glory's the righteous butter (unused), Soap & Glory's clean on me shower gel (used once), Baylis & Harding body lotion (unopened) and the Body Shop's mango whip body lotion (used once). These four items cost me a total of £2! I am most looking forward to trying the two soap & glory products as I already own a few of their products and love them. I already have the Body Shop's sweet lemon whip body lotion so I am sure I will like the mango one and I have never used Baylis & Harding before, so I do not know what to expect.

I have got some new products to try and am looking forward to using them. Hope you have enjoyed looking at what I purchased! Have you bought anything new recently? Let me know below!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Eight photos of happiness

Hey everyone! I was tagged by the lovely sisters from the flower that blooms to do the eight photos of happiness blog post! I found their photos very cute and I am so happy to have been tagged so thank you! Ariel from Ariel's little corner of the internet created this lovely tag so thank you! I think this tag is really cute and is a great way to share some happiness but also get to know the writer behind the blog posts! The rules will be posted down below the pictures!

Below is my boyfriend, Sean, and I while we were at college. I honestly believe for him to be my soul mate. We have had fallouts as well as great memories and he has always been there every step no matter how good or bad things are. We met at college in 2008 and started going out in 2009, but split up at the beginning of this year; we decided to give things another go and I have honestly never been happier!

This is me at my prom in June 2008, I am the short one in the white dress, fourth from the right. The prom itself was not the best night ever, but the whole experience was incredible! I was not going to go because firstly I did not think I could afford it and secondly because I had only ever worn a dress once before and was (still am) so self conscious. I am so glad I did, I loved getting my nails done, being dressed up and being in a Hummer limo!

This picture was taken at the first time I went to MCM London comic con in May 2014 for my birthday. This is me with Stuart Ashens, a YouTuber I really like and have been watching for at least two or three years. I have met him twice now and he makes time for all of his fans. I really enjoy going to comic con and look forward to going in the future.

Below is me on my eighteenth birthday. Sean and I spent a lovely day in London before going to see Pendulum and Showtek live. I had such a lovely day, I remember being disappointed not getting I.D'd when buying my first alcoholic drink! I do not think I suit being blonde though! I bleached my hair four times in two days and completely ruined it!

The picture below is supposed to represent hair dye. I am wearing hair extensions and was eighteen, nearly nineteen in this photo. I love dying my hair and am thinking of having my hair similar to this when I am back at university. I first dyed my hair when I was in year ten of secondary school in 2007 I believe and still do to this day. I know it is not great for your hair but it makes me feel more confident and happy and I make sure my hair is not too damaged!

This is the Royal Botanic gardens, or Kew gardens as it is more commonly know as, in London. I visited here with Sean and absolutely loved it. It so beautiful and relaxing, I am going to visit Kew gardens again next month and am really looking forward to it.

This is a picture of myself and one of my best friends Chris. I have know Chris since year ten of secondary school and have been friends since. Whenever the two of us spend time together, no matter what we do, we always have a brilliant time. We have a lot in common and Chris knows nearly everything about me, I feel so comfortable around him. This day we made cookies and I am wearing his mother's apron!

Lastly is one of only 3 pictures of me with both of my facial piercings, I had a nose piercing too but it is difficult to see in this picture. I got these two piercings and my scaffold done at the same time during my first year of university. Unfortunately all of these piercings have gone, my scaffold was too painful (I wear over ear headphones everyday and it rubs), my nose piercing got infected and my eyebrow piercing got infected after having it for over ten months. I really miss them so much and plan on getting my nose and eyebrow pierced again. I have to wait until I go back to university because I was very happy with the person who pierced them the first time and would like him to do them again.

That is all eight of my photos, it was really difficult to choose just eight, as much as I think about the negative things that have happened in my life, I have had a lot of wonderful memories and I will create so many more in the years to come! I hope you enjoyed reading this and got to know a little more about me! The rules are below and I would like to tag Lisa's beauty spot and Scottish Stef's nails.

The rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link them in your post.  
  2. Also thank the creator of this tag, Ariel.
  3. Post eight photos of happiness! It can be of items that make you happy, achievements, places, anything!
  4. Give each photo a small description of why it makes you happy.
  5. Spread the happiness and tag up to 10 bloggers!

Monday, 22 June 2015

MAC false lashes extreme black mascara review

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, MAC was recently giving away complementary trial size false lashes extreme black mascaras. I received mine a couple of weeks ago but wanted to try it out before I report back on whether I liked it or not.

The packaging the mascara came in.

Firstly the mascara came in a very sturdy black, padded envelope. When I saw this on the doormat, I knew this was the trail size mascara from MAC, judging by the high quality envelope. Inside, as well as the mascara, there was a little message, on thin card which can be read above. The size of the mascara is very nearly the same size as most lip balms, I think it looks so sweet especially stood next to my full sized mascaras!

MAC false lashes extreme black mascara.

I have used this mascara four times and I honestly love it! I wanted to show the mascara after I have worn it all day, before I take off my make up. Yes this will not show the mascara at its best, but I think most mascaras can look nice when they have first been applied. I found the mascara very light on my eye lashes, it did not irritate my eyes and found it very easy to apply. Below is a picture as close up as I could get it, the mascara is still on my eye lashes and not around my eye. For my make up, I use two coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes and

After a long day, my make up is less on point!

I would love to buy the full size version of this product, but I already have quite a few mascaras in my collection I need to use first! My favourite mascara was Bourjois' volume glamour ultra black mascara, which I believe has been discontinued with similar mascaras being  available             but I really prefer this MAC mascara! It does retail at £19.00 which for me is about double what I normally pay for mascaras. I am thinking about putting this on my Christmas wishlist, as much as I love this mascara and it has been the best mascara I have personally tried, I am a university student and for £19.00, I could buy a few products on the high street I want. I don't want to sound tight but I am careful with the money I do have.

For those who have a bigger budget and are looking at a new mascara, I would highly recommend this. But I also understand that £19, for some, is too much to spend on a mascara, no matter how good it is! Have you tried any MAC products? Let me know below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Models own's raspberry crush

Hi everyone! Those who follow me on social media will know that I have recently sorted out my nail varnishes, some of them had completely dried up! I thought I would do a post on some of them, starting with Model's Own raspberry crush.

This shade is a great pink/red colour which is fantastic for summer! The formula is great and I find it dries pretty quickly. I have used two thin layers of Model's own raspberry crush with one Revlon clear nail varnish as a top coat. The picture was taken 3 days after I first applied it and it has lasted really well.

At a retail price of £4.99, Models own is in the middle of the high street where there are cheaper and more expensive alternatives. You do get 14ml of product which is very high compared to most nail varnishes so you definitely get a lot for your money! A full range of their nail varnishes can be found here.

A close up of my thumb!

I apologise for my hands, I suffer with really dry skin around my nails that cracks and bleeds, has anyone else got a solution to this? I really want to try Models own's rose gold shade, that will be the next shade I buy! Have you tried Models own nail varnishes?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Hard Day Salvation Palette review

Makeup Revolution Hard Day Salvation Palette

Hello everyone, as requested on twitter, I am doing a review of Makeup Revolution's Hard Day Salvation palette! I was lucky enough to win this palette and it recently featured in my May favourites 2015. The palette retails at £6 and I think it is an absolute bargain at £6! The quality of the palette is much higher then you would expect for a palette costing £6.

Makeup Revolution eye shadow Palette

I found the palette difficult to get out of the copper coloured box it came in but the palette itself is very sturdy; I also love the rose gold writing on the black case. For those who have read my blog before, you will know I love a mirror! The Hard Day palette does not disappoint, it has a huge mirror making application very easy. Another thing I love about this palette is the detailing on the matte shades of eye shadow, though I do know this will fade with use.

Makeup Revolution matte eye shadow detail

This palette has 18 eye shadows, 6 matte and 12 shimmer shades, this makes each eye shadow 33 pence roughly. This palette is multi purpose which is why it was in my May favourites, I use the eye shadows for their main purpose, I use a couple of the matte eye shadows for my brows and sometimes I use the mirror as it is the biggest handheld mirror I own!

The eye shadows themselves blend easily and are pigmented. I find them smooth to apply and when wearing them, they last all day without the need to reapply. I will get use of all of the colours in this palette, with the purple and black shades being used the least. The only thing I would have liked with the palette is for the names of each shade to be written underneath like with other palettes I own, I do not like the piece of film that is used to state the colours. The applicator has a sponge at either end. I lost my eye shadow brush and was forced to use the applicator and it is sturdy and easy to clean, but I still prefer my trusty brush.  Below are swatches of all 18 shades.

Makeup Revolution Hard Day Salvation Palette swatches
The six matte shades.
Makeup Revolution Hard Day Salvation Palette swatches
The middle row of eye shadows.
Makeup Revolution Hard Day Salvation Palette swatches
The top row of eye shadows.

If you are looking for an eye shadow palette with a variety of nude shades, this could be the palette you are looking for. Costing £6, it is a bargain and great value for money! Have you tried any of Makeup Revolution's eye shadow palettes? Let me know what you think of them or if you would like to try this one!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Montagne Jeunesse (7th heaven) face peel review

Hello everyone, I bought myself a few things in poundland and this is one of them, the Montagne Jeunesse face peels. At £1 I thought it was a bargain to get 2 different face peels. It recommends you leave the face peel on for between 15-20 minutes, I would definitely allow the full 20 minutes if not a little longer. Peeling off the face peel can be a little messy, I would have a flannel at hand to help remove any stubborn pieces. To apply, rip open the package and use all of the face peel avoiding the eye area. Montagne Jeunesse has recently asked to "rename our baby" as Montagne Jeunesse is difficult to pronounce; this resulted in 7th heaven. This may result in the packaging being slightly different to the one featured below. 

These peels are great if you fancy a pamper, especially giving you 20 minutes to do other things, I painted my nails! The first peel I tried was the lemon and green tea face peel. This peel has a fresh lemon scent and is a slight yellow colour on the skin. This peel is described as a detox and pore cleansing masque. Of the two this is my favourite. This feels light on the skin and makes my skin feel toned and smooth. The pomegranate face peel is described as a deep cleanse, purity and protects the skin. The pomegranate and passion flower face peel is a dark pink in colour and feels heavier on the skin, making the skin feel slightly tighter and cleansed.

Overall this is a bargain for £1, making each face peel 50p!  Have you tried a face peel before? Are there any other face masks or peels I should try?

Friday, 12 June 2015

Zoella beauty creamy madly dreamy body lotion review

Hi everyone, Zoella beauty's creamy madly dreamy featured in my April favourites 2015 and I am still using the same tube, though it is starting to run out. I loved it in April and I still love it in June! This body lotion is available in Superdrug both in store and online and retails at £5 for 160ml. Zoella beauty's body lotion contains vitamin E, aloe and shea which helps to moisturise skin, make the skin firmer and can help soothe dry/irritated skin.

Zoella aka Zoe Sugg is a British Youtuber with over 8 million subscribers on her main youtube channel. She is also an ambassador for mind the mental health charity. She also has a blog and often discusses beauty, fashion, home ware, day to day life and anxiety.

I am at the final third of the bottle and I adore the scent. It has floral notes but also a slight fresh scent, it is noticeable without being over powering. A little goes a long way with the body lotion, I find that a blob the size of a small coin is enough for each arm. I was not one for using body lotions before using this, I mainly used body butters, but I would like to re purchase this as well as try some other drug store body lotions!

Let me know below if you have used any Zoella beauty products or would like too!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

LUSH Avobath bath bomb

Hey everyone! Another product I got from LUSH in Lakeside was the Avobath bath bomb.  My favourite bath bomb from Lush is the dragon's egg that I reviewed here over a year ago! The Avobath, like the dragon's egg, has a citrus scent. However this citrus scent is much more fresh due to lemon grass and bergamot oils.

LUSH Avobath bath bomb

The bath bomb does not look like the most exciting bath bomb, it is a plain green with the word LUSH on it. But the Avobath turns your bath water green and fills the room with a really fresh, citrus scent, great if you want a bath to wake you up! I found the Avobath made my skin feel hydrated. I have been suffering with drier skin recently as I have not been keeping up my skin routine and this bath bomb has really kick started that routine again!

The Avobath contains lemon grass oil, bergamot oil, fresh avocado and extra organic virgin olive oil. Lemon grass oil is used for its uplifting and toning properties. Bergamot oil helps clear the skin and is also has an uplifting fragrance. Avocado is rich in vitamins and unsaturated oil, which is great for the appearance and hydration of skin. Organic extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins and is an antioxidant.

The Avobath is great for dry skin  and retails at £3.35. I would recommend it if you like a citrus or fresher scent. For those who prefer a sweeter scent I would recommend the dragon's egg. I found the Avobath dissolved in the bath without the need to crumble it in my hand, unlike the melting marshmallow moment luxury bath melt I reviewed last week. Have you tried this bath bomb or know of any bath products I need to try? Let me know below!

Monday, 8 June 2015

The Versatile blogger award

Hi everyone, the lovely Dena Jayne who has twitter and her blog here, nominated me for a versatile blogger award! We have not been following each other for that long but I enjoy reading her blog so thank you for nominating me!

The rules:

Thank the person who gave you this award (I mean, it's obvious). 
Include a link to their blog – it's very easy (if you're having troubles, ask me for a help!).
Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award – you might include a link back to the post on your site announcing their nomination.
And of course, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 facts about me:

1) I study criminology at university, I am about to finish my second year.
2) I love gaming, I mainly play Diablo 3, Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm, Minecraft, League of Legends, Elder scrolls oblivion and skyrim, Dragon age 1 and 2 and Fallout 3. 
3) I have PCOS (Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome), there are no causes or solutions to it but I am taking control of the weight gain and fertility problems it causes.
4) I have pictures I took of the Olympic torch on the ITV Anglia website.
5) I have never had a holiday nor have stayed in a hotel, I do not have a passport, but this year I hope to travel around the UK, with Brighton being high up on the list of places to travel too.
6) I like all sorts of music, heavy metal, rock, pop, drum and bass, K pop, some classical, my taste in music changes so much!
7) I am quite short, measuring 5 foot 1 inch, I think this is 153cm roughly, I also hate wearing heels!

I nominate:

I am not sure who has been tagged but here are who I nominate!

Model Co lip gloss free with Glamour magazine July edition

Hi everyone, hope you have had a lovely weekend! I love a bargain and I heard online that not only is Glamour magazine £1 (despite saying £2 on the cover), it also came with a free gift that is worth over £10 RRP. I chose the Model Co's lip gloss, but there are also 2 different eye liners and a mascara that could be the free gift. This is the first Model Co item I have tried, I have heard a lot about their brow products but I had no idea what to expect.

Glamour Magazine

The magazine itself is A5 in size which I prefer in a magazine, this is because I have small hands and fits into most handbags. It has stories, fashion, celebrities and advice. It is definitely worth the £1 without the free gift!

On to the lip gloss itself, it is from their shine ultra lip gloss range and retails at £16. The lip gloss is in the shade striptease, a lovely nude that has a shine to it. The formula is non sticky and smells really sweet with a strawberry undertone, it reminds me of haribo strawbs!  It also has a mirror on the side which is really handy if you want to keep this in your handbag like I have done. The lip gloss also lasts a really long time, I applied mine in the morning and it was still going strong into the late afternoon! I really want to buy the lip gloss shade marshmallow in the same range, which is a baby pink shade.

Model Co lipgloss striptease

Have you bought the most recent edition of Glamour magazine or have tried Model Co before? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Talkative Thursday high street vs Poundland!

Hey everyone! Time for another talkative Thursday! I have seen a lot of high street vs high end blog posts. I love them, I only shop within the high street due to being a student and not having much money. I find it interesting to see how much a difference there is between 2 similar products that cost very different amounts! I love a bargain and to save money, so when I saw Poundland selling nail remover pots, I wondered how this would compare to my Maybelline express remover pot I have.

Pretty no more nail art costs £1 compared to Maybelline's one costing £4.99. The Maybelline's express remover has 75 ml of product compared to the Pretty one which has 50ml, but for £4.99 you can buy nearly five nail varnish remover pots! The designs are different too with the Pretty one going for a more jagged design, compared to the smooth design of the Maybelline one. It should also be noted Maybelline's express remover is acetone free where as the Pretty one is not.

The nail varnishes I have used left to right are Nails inc leather effect, Models own Bluebelle, Essie in the shade Braziliant, Barry M nail paint shade 293 and Revlon's top speed nail varnish in the shade 880. I love nail varnish effect nail varnishes so I added the Nails Inc leather effect and the Models Own bluebelle which is a glittery nail varnish as these can be difficult to remove with nail varnish remover. I wanted to use different nail varnish companies which is why I chose the five I did. All the nails used NYC's clear nail varnish shade 138 as a base and due to the Nails Inc leather effect not requiring a top coat, no top coat was used throughout.

5 Nail varnishes used.

The Maybelline's express remover is larger which allows your whole nail to fit inside, this was the main issue of the Poundland equivalent, most but not all nail varnish was removed. One plus size for the pretty nail varnish remover is that it tackled Models Own Bluebelle much better, this is due to using an Acetone nail varnish remover. The Pretty nail varnish remover pot did hurt a little bit when I removed nail varnish from my thumb, this is due to quite hard bristles where as the Maybelline one uses a sponge which is much softer to use.


My opinion? I think the Maybelline express remover won, but it was really close! For those who do not mind using an acetone nail varnish remover should try the Pretty one, for £1 it is a bargain! The main problem with the Pretty nail varnish remover was a lack of product, I believe if it had 75ml instead of 50ml, it would have won! For those who prefer to use an acetone free nail varnish remover the Maybelline express remover works really well, just might be an idea to avoid using glittery nail varnishes!


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

LUSH melting marshmallow moment review

I love a LUSH bath bomb or a bubble bar, but never before had I tried any of their luxury bath melts! A shopping trip with some friends to lakeside meant I could stock up on LUSH supplies! The melting marshmallow moment was one of the few bits I purchased and have used.

LUSH melting marshmallow moment luxury bath melt.

Smelling this product in store reminded me of their bubblegum lip scrub that was in my May favourites. It has a very sweet scent so for those who do not like sweet scents, I would not recommend it. It looks very cute, it is shaped like a pink marshmallow and smells like it too!

The luxury bath melt has cocoa butter, almond oil, marshmallow powder and chamomile powder, all which are great for the skin, but this does not mean a boring bath, the sodium bicarbonate makes this fizz, produce some bubbles and makes the bath pink like a bath bomb! 

Pink bath water with some bubbles.

Cocoa butter helps to moisturise and soften the skin, almond oil has vitamin E and also moisturises the skin but also soothes the skin. Marshmallow powder is an anti inflammatory and is used in medicine to help soothe cuts and rashes. Lastly chamomile powder is also an anti inflammatory and soothes the skin and is also used in medicine to treat damaged or irritated skin. This product is very gentle on the skin and makes the water and your skin feel very silky and smooth. 

The melting marshmallow moment costs £3.95. I think this is reasonable for a treat but I could not afford to use every bath! The only bad thing about this I found is that it was very difficult to melt, I had to use my hands to break it up a bit. But I cannot wait to repurchase this, my skin felt so soft afterwards

Monday, 1 June 2015

May Favourites 2015

Hey everyone! We are in June already, I cannot believe how quickly May has gone! It has been a very mixed month for me but I got some goodies that I have loved throughout the month, so here are my May favourites of 2015!

Firstly is this hard day eye shadow palette from Make Up Revolution which I won in a competition. This brilliant palette has 18 shades of eye shadows, 6 mattes and 12 shimmery ones. The best thing about this is the huge mirror, I love a beauty product with a mirror! I have used nearly every colour once and most of the ones on the left side of the palette several times and it is definitely my "go to" palette!

Secondly is another Make Up Revolution product that I won. This is their ultra all day prime & anti-shine balm. You can probably see below how much I have used this product and I have not had this long, but I have used this every single time I have applied make up. I use this as a primer only but can be used as a replacement of a pressed powder too. Again, notice the mirror? I just love a mirror!

As we are approaching the end of spring, I have been wearing a lot of turquoise colours. I love Model's own nail varnishes and have a small collection of them, but this is my favourite. Turquoise is my favourite colour and I love the formula, it dries quickly and does not dry streaky. They may be a little more expensive then alternatives but I do prefer models own and you get more product for your money!

Next is this Blistex lip balm. This was bought for me by my sister and I have used it nearly every day. I have to admit, I hate the smell of mango, but to me, this lip balm smells of fruit salad sweets, which I love! It makes my lips feel less dry and smell fruity plus it has SPF 15 which is a bonus for lip balms.

Next is some foundation, Rimmel wake me up. I have heard so much about this foundation and the wake me up concealer, which I have yet to try. I had been using Collection's lasting perfection liquid foundation after loving their ultimate fix foundation but I find it too cakey and even the lightest shade is not that near to me, to be honest I am not sure why I bought it! I am Rimmel wake me up's shade  010 light porcelain which is a very close match to my pale skin! It lasts all day and covers my rosacea really well,

Lastly is LUSH's bubblegum lip scrub. There are so many reviews of this online and is a very popular product. It makes my lips feel soft and it tastes really nice, I am not sure if it tastes like candy floss, but it is very sweet!

These are my May favourites for the year 2015, what have you been loving over May? I love looking and hearing what everyone else has been loving!