Sunday, 28 June 2015

How to get samples (Sample Sunday)

Hello everyone, it was requested by several of my followers to write a blog post about how I get samples and looking at some of the ones I have used.  This is not a post to show off how many samples I have, I have been asked several times to write this and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how I get my samples. Samples are a great way to try a product out before buying a full size version, I have bought full sized products if I like the products a lot. Below is some of the things you should and should not do, though this is my opinion. I will list websites that I use at the bottom along with any other information at I think is relevant.

My more recent free samples.


  • Research the company if you have not heard of them. Have a look at their other products and maybe why they are giving away the sample, they may want you to fill out a questionnaire.
  • If there is a condition in you getting the sample, for example a questionnaire/survey, then complete it! You got a free item sent to you and the least you can do is return the favour as such!
  • Let friends or family know, I know if some people want more then one sample, they use other people's addresses I think it is nice to let people know about a sample they may be interested in, sharing is caring!
  • Keep checking websites. I check websites on a daily basis and some I check multiple times in a day, this is because samples are often limited and I have missed out on several samples as a result of not checking.
  • Be wary of websites that take you to another website. This happens after you fill out the information to get the free sample. These often take you to pages asking you to enter other competitions to win £500 or an iPad or something similar. More often then not, these will not work but take the information given.

Do not

  • Apply for samples you do not want or will not use. Most samples are limited to a certain amount, let someone who wants to try the sample try it!
  • Give your bank details! Unless it is for a trial for a website you trust. Personally I would rather not receive a free sample then have to pay for the packaging, I never know what they will do with my bank details.
  • Sell the samples. Free samples are not for resale and again this can put companies off giving out samples in the future. Some posts can be taken down too if they are found being sold online.

Websites and information

As I live in the United Kingdom, these websites will be for the U.K only.
There are a lot more websites then that, all you need to do is google "free samples UK" and hundreds of websites come up. But I often find them all to repeat each other. The above ones are my personal favourites.

10 ways' facebook page sometimes has samples as well as offers.
Hot UK deals is similar to the webpage above, there are some samples but offers tend to occur more.
A worker in The Body Shop told me that they give a sample of something if you ask them. I got given a sample after I had a skincare consultation. They will only give you one sample in case you have an allergic reaction, using several new products at one time makes it difficult to pinpoint which one(s) are causing the reaction. 

I will continue to update this blog post if I find any more useful websites or in store samples. Let me know below if this has been helpful or if you have any other relevant information! 


  1. Great post =]

  2. Interesting post. How do you get past the million questions? Like competitions etc before you get registered?

    Bex x

    1. What is this for? I tend to avoid anything with surveys or questions to answer for a free iPad or something x

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    will have a look at the sites
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