Wednesday, 10 June 2015

LUSH Avobath bath bomb

Hey everyone! Another product I got from LUSH in Lakeside was the Avobath bath bomb.  My favourite bath bomb from Lush is the dragon's egg that I reviewed here over a year ago! The Avobath, like the dragon's egg, has a citrus scent. However this citrus scent is much more fresh due to lemon grass and bergamot oils.

LUSH Avobath bath bomb

The bath bomb does not look like the most exciting bath bomb, it is a plain green with the word LUSH on it. But the Avobath turns your bath water green and fills the room with a really fresh, citrus scent, great if you want a bath to wake you up! I found the Avobath made my skin feel hydrated. I have been suffering with drier skin recently as I have not been keeping up my skin routine and this bath bomb has really kick started that routine again!

The Avobath contains lemon grass oil, bergamot oil, fresh avocado and extra organic virgin olive oil. Lemon grass oil is used for its uplifting and toning properties. Bergamot oil helps clear the skin and is also has an uplifting fragrance. Avocado is rich in vitamins and unsaturated oil, which is great for the appearance and hydration of skin. Organic extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins and is an antioxidant.

The Avobath is great for dry skin  and retails at £3.35. I would recommend it if you like a citrus or fresher scent. For those who prefer a sweeter scent I would recommend the dragon's egg. I found the Avobath dissolved in the bath without the need to crumble it in my hand, unlike the melting marshmallow moment luxury bath melt I reviewed last week. Have you tried this bath bomb or know of any bath products I need to try? Let me know below!


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    1. It is really fresh and citrusy! (if that is even a word) Would recommend if you like those sort of scents! xx

  2. I absolutely love your pink bath omg

    Kimberley xx

    1. My mum's whole bathroom is pink! Though the bath on the inside is actually white but looks pink due to all the pink in the room! the outside of the bath is pink along with tiles, the walls, the door!! xx

  3. Awesome bath bomb!It breaks up rapidly with a lot of fizz,smells like lemongrass yet is not overpowering,turns the water a wonderful blue-green color, and leaves for all intents and purposes no buildup in the tub.I could see folks liking this one as well.
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