Monday, 22 June 2015

MAC false lashes extreme black mascara review

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, MAC was recently giving away complementary trial size false lashes extreme black mascaras. I received mine a couple of weeks ago but wanted to try it out before I report back on whether I liked it or not.

The packaging the mascara came in.

Firstly the mascara came in a very sturdy black, padded envelope. When I saw this on the doormat, I knew this was the trail size mascara from MAC, judging by the high quality envelope. Inside, as well as the mascara, there was a little message, on thin card which can be read above. The size of the mascara is very nearly the same size as most lip balms, I think it looks so sweet especially stood next to my full sized mascaras!

MAC false lashes extreme black mascara.

I have used this mascara four times and I honestly love it! I wanted to show the mascara after I have worn it all day, before I take off my make up. Yes this will not show the mascara at its best, but I think most mascaras can look nice when they have first been applied. I found the mascara very light on my eye lashes, it did not irritate my eyes and found it very easy to apply. Below is a picture as close up as I could get it, the mascara is still on my eye lashes and not around my eye. For my make up, I use two coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes and

After a long day, my make up is less on point!

I would love to buy the full size version of this product, but I already have quite a few mascaras in my collection I need to use first! My favourite mascara was Bourjois' volume glamour ultra black mascara, which I believe has been discontinued with similar mascaras being  available             but I really prefer this MAC mascara! It does retail at £19.00 which for me is about double what I normally pay for mascaras. I am thinking about putting this on my Christmas wishlist, as much as I love this mascara and it has been the best mascara I have personally tried, I am a university student and for £19.00, I could buy a few products on the high street I want. I don't want to sound tight but I am careful with the money I do have.

For those who have a bigger budget and are looking at a new mascara, I would highly recommend this. But I also understand that £19, for some, is too much to spend on a mascara, no matter how good it is! Have you tried any MAC products? Let me know below, I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Wow that looks really great for a whole days wear - might be worth investing in!
    Great post :)

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati

    1. Thank you, I thought it lasted so well, would be interesting to see if it is still as good on a really warm day! xx