Monday, 8 June 2015

Model Co lip gloss free with Glamour magazine July edition

Hi everyone, hope you have had a lovely weekend! I love a bargain and I heard online that not only is Glamour magazine £1 (despite saying £2 on the cover), it also came with a free gift that is worth over £10 RRP. I chose the Model Co's lip gloss, but there are also 2 different eye liners and a mascara that could be the free gift. This is the first Model Co item I have tried, I have heard a lot about their brow products but I had no idea what to expect.

Glamour Magazine

The magazine itself is A5 in size which I prefer in a magazine, this is because I have small hands and fits into most handbags. It has stories, fashion, celebrities and advice. It is definitely worth the £1 without the free gift!

On to the lip gloss itself, it is from their shine ultra lip gloss range and retails at £16. The lip gloss is in the shade striptease, a lovely nude that has a shine to it. The formula is non sticky and smells really sweet with a strawberry undertone, it reminds me of haribo strawbs!  It also has a mirror on the side which is really handy if you want to keep this in your handbag like I have done. The lip gloss also lasts a really long time, I applied mine in the morning and it was still going strong into the late afternoon! I really want to buy the lip gloss shade marshmallow in the same range, which is a baby pink shade.

Model Co lipgloss striptease

Have you bought the most recent edition of Glamour magazine or have tried Model Co before? Let me know in the comments below!

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